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Teen Wolf Preferences (ON HIATUS)
Story published 11 months ago · updated 1 week ago · 35 pages · 5,044 readers · 53,875 reads
2; Makeup
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2; Makeup

~He does your makeup~
You brought out all your old makeup. Well, the ones that you didn't bother to use anymore that still had some left. Anyways, Derek stared at you curiously but you ignored him.

"I want you to do my makeup." You stated simply, staring at him with a blank expression. 

It was silent for a few minutes until he uttered out a questioning what. Repeating yourself, you picked up his hand and placed some foundation in it. He glanced between the bottle and you, now wearing a bored expression. 

"I don't have time for this (Y/N)." Derek turned back towards the laptop and continued to search through whatever he was looking at. Grumbling, you placed it down before smirking to yourself. 

You sighed, "I guess I'll just have to do yours then." 

He didn't even have time to move before you started splattering lipstick and painting his face with blush. It was a sad attempt to do the mascara and eye shadow but it definitely didn't go unused. By the time you were done, both Derek and the couch were caked in makeup. At least the couch made a pretty girl unlike him. 

To say Isaac was overwhelmed with all the makeup you brought out was an understatement. Various tubes of lipstick rolled around the desk, a few bottles of mascara here and there and just odd things he hadn't ever really seen except in stores. 

"Are you sure you want me doing this?" You rolled your eyes at his uneasy expression before forcefully putting a random brush in his hands. 

"Just go nuts, I've got tons more in the closet from my mom so it doesn't matter if you waste it." Your shrugged and closed your eyes, waiting for something to touch your face. It was silent and awkward for a few moments before you peeked one eye open. 

"You do realize you don't need this to be beautiful because you already are, right?" He looked at you, setting the brush back on the desk. Rolling your eyes, you couldn't contain the blush or smile finding its way onto your face. A wicked idea came to you and you smirked before picking up a tube of mascara. 

"I'll just do yours then." The smirk fell from your face when all you got in response was a smile and a nod of the head. Groaning, you threw the tube lightly back on the table before walking out. That definitely wasn't the reaction you were hoping for. 

Isaac just shook his head and chuckled before following you out of the room, remembering to at least let you put some basic things on his face later. 

Jackson had spent another night at your house and it was almost so normal that your mother wasn't frustrated every time she walked in and you both were cuddling. The alarm on your bedside table went off at the dot of seven, too early to get up but necessary if you wanted an education.

You tried to get out of bed but Jackson's arms kept ensnaring you. As tempting as it was to stay in bed, you needed to get up and put on makeup and fix your hair so it wasn't all tangled and frizzy. "Jackson, let me go!" You drawled out, in a groggy but sexy voice. 

He honestly didn't want to let you go but school wasn't stopping for anyone. He watched you sit in your desk chair, holding the little compact mirror in one hand and an eye shadow brush in the other. 

"I honestly don't see why you put that on when you're already beautiful." It was nonchalant that you almost thought he was joking. You watched from the mirror as he continued talking while pulling on his jeans. "You should go just like that today, all natural and gorgeous." 

Your cheeks flamed but you kept a calm exterior as the two of you had a silent stare battle. No blinking, no looking away at anything else, and dead silence. Neither of you said a word until your second alarm at seven-ten went off that you looked away groaning. "Fine, fine. But if I'm as pretty as you say I am, you'll just have to stay with me all day." 

His arms wrapped around your shoulders as he gave you an upside down kiss. "I have no problem with that."

Now Scott had seen you put on your makeup hundreds of times and wasn't surprised when you asked him to do if for you one day. You had only thought of it as a joke but you were even more surprised that you could actually feel Scott taking this seriously and focusing. 
Only probably a few minutes later did you open your eyes and grab the mirror from his hands. 

"Holy crap." You whispered, turning your head in all different directions. "This is really freaking awesome Scott! Can I get you do this every morning?" You asked, now turning towards him. He had a smug little smile on his face at he looked at the beauty in front of him. 

"Depends on what I get." He teased, not expecting you to say anything. 

Shocking both him and yourself a little, you kissed the corner of his mouth before leaning towards his ear. "There's tomorrow's in advance."

Stiles had never seen makeup before. Well, he'd never used it and hoped he never would. So when you started to browse Youtube and saw all the 'Boyfriend Does My Makeup' tag videos, you couldn't help but be curious.

That's brings us to now. Sitting on the couch in the living room, the music channel on in the background, and makeup spread around you. Some actual products while others were more for face art and cosplaying. Stiles was a little cautious about coming over to your house seeing as your father never was a big fan of the Sheriff's son but luckily he got called in at the last minute. 

"Alright, so I guess just go nuts or something." You shrugged before closing your eyes and letting him do whatever. You knew Stiles didn't know what he was doing but eh, it still looked and seemed fun. You'd grown tired of doing serious makeup, wanting to spice it up with something more fun. Something that would make your dad question your-

"Done." Stiles announced proudly, a crooked grin plastered on his face. You stared wide eyed at the boy. It took you at least ten minutes to do everything, how did he do it in four?! Grabbing the mirror, you somewhat expected to look like some hideous monster or a girl you found on the streets late at night. 

So imagine your surprise and amusement when all you saw were black cat whiskers and a pink cat nose on your own. You giggled and leaned against his shoulder. 

"Meow?" He shrugged his shoulders and his grin only made you laugh harder. Stopping, you grabbed a brown crayon and turned towards him. 

"Woof." You barked before laughing even harder at the ears and nose now on his face. Stiles couldn't help but laugh at himself along with you until both of your sides hurt.

Isaac's was probably the hardest to write. Thanks for all the hearts and thank Carolina for wanting me to add Jackson.
Teen Wolf does not belong to me.
Ideas are most definitely mine.
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