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Yandere!Soul Eater One Shot
Story published 11 months ago · updated 11 months ago · 10 pages · 2,746 readers · 12,565 reads
Birthday Gone Wron
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Birthday Gone Wrong~Death The Kid

"Happy Birthday Areo!" the gang said in sync.
Areo smiled and let them in. Today was Areo's birthday! There was laughter, food, drinks, and....jealousy? Kid watched as drunken Soul and Areo made out on the couch. As Kid was fuming an idea struck him making him smirk evilly.  Once everyone was fast asleep, because it was a sleepover, Kid sneaked downstairs with a rag in hand to where Soul and Areo slept. Kid's face went to disgust as Areo and Soul were cuddling in their sleep. Kid put the rag up to Soul's nose and mouth. Soul's eyes snapped open but slowly closed. He did the same to Areo. He scooped up the unconscious female and left the house on his skateboard.
~Next Morning~
Areo woke up the next day in Kid's room, in Kid's bed, and in his arms with a hangover. She held her head in her hands.
"What happened?" She questioned herself quietly.
Kid nuzzled his face in her hair making her eyes widen.
"Good morning beautiful" Kid's voice rung in her ears.
She let out a nervous laugh "Ha ha uhh Kid could you possible let me go?"
Kid chuckled and shook his head 'no' then gave her a sickeningly sweet smile "I'm afraid I can't do that, you see your mine."
She laughed but it soon turned into a whimper. Kid sighed, getting out of bed then scooped her up. He carried her to his basement, now known as her room. Once there he put her on her feet and placed a shock collar on her neck.
"This way I know where you are at all times, because of the tracking device planted in it. It will also shock you if you try to leave."
Kid pecked her lips and gave her a smirk "Happy Birthday Day."

Sorry if it was short, and it took so long to publish it but I am a very busy person. ~I hope you liked it poppet