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Vocaloid meets the creepypastas
Story published January 14, 2014 · updated 10 months ago · 12 pages · 57 readers · 453 reads
The mansion
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The mansion

After walking for what seemed like hours they found a mansion that looked abandoned they entered and saw a bunch of people in there they turned around about to leave but someone grabbed seeu's shoulder ?:where do you think your going why don't you stay ?" She turned around and saw a guy around her age with a smile carved in his face seeu just stood there starring at him cause she thought he was kinda cute but snapped back to reality when miku yelled miku: " seeu transform into your actual form and attack !!!" Seeu:" I don't have to why don't you transform ?!" Rin:"cause she isn't the one who needs help." Seeu:" neither am I watch this." She grabbed the guys hand and pulled it off her shoulder and walked over to her friends when a tall faceless guy appeared faceless guy:" I'm slender man and your welcome to stay if you want ." Ia:" ok as long as there are no mortals ." Slendy(slender man): " you guys aren't mortal ?" Miku:" no we are vocaloid." ?:"that makes sense ." Seeu: yup!"

sry again for having it so short it's just that I'm sick and having trouble thinking up good ideas so yeah stay cool😋😎

Pain hurts but life hurts more