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Age Is Just A Number.
11~ Luke Hemmings
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11~ Luke Hemmings You Are A Genius!

Jenna's POV 

I was jolted awake by the anthem. God I fell asleep early. I haven't even been through my pack yet! ''Hey, your ok.'' Luke whispered rubbing circles on my back. I sighed and cuddled into his arms. I looked up to the screen. 

It skipped straight onto District 3 because I think non from 1 and 2 which made Luke gulp. ''What's wrong?'' I asked whispering. ''N-nothing.'' He replied and then I remembered Aleisha was from District 1. 

So it was both from 3 dead, one from 4, both from, 5 non from 6, n0n from 7, one from 8, both from 9, non from 10 and one from 11. So that leaves 13 of us left, just more than half of us alive. I have a feeling we need to plan this rebellion quicker than I expected. When the anthem stopped we all went silent. ''This rebellion...'' I sighed. ''We need to think of something.'' I spoke quietly to the other four people. 

''Well in the games there's always a main building or whatever maybe a tree, we could fire something at that.'' Ben spoke. I thought about it for a while. ''Or the force field?'' I asked turning around. ''What do you mean?'' Asked Luke. 

''Look... Watch this.'' I replied and picked up a tiny pebble that had some how got in here. I threw it as hard as possible and it looked like it bounced of thin air... The force field. 
''I heard about the cannon once..'' Luke spoke a bit confused. We indicated him to go on. ''Well when the cannon is set off the sound waves are so strong they bounce against the force field and if you hit it at a certain point... It just breaks the whole dome.'' He shrugged. I though about it for a second. ''Oh my god Luke your a genius!'' I exclaimed. ''But there's only one thing.'' He sighed. ''What?'' I asked. ''We have to kill someone.''

''Who?'' I eagerly jumped. ''Woah calm down miss 'innocence'!'' Luke let out a little joke making me smile a little. ''Sorry.'' I replied chuckling. ''Well I guess who ever walks past or tries to kill us...'' He spoke. 

All of a sudden the cannon went and without thinking I pulled out an arrow firing it against the force. But I was too late. The arrow just bounced off falling to the ground. I guess I'll just have to get that tomorrow. 

The Next Day. 

I had been through my packs, I had 4 water bottles and some apples by the looks of it. I had also got some little knifes and some ropes, first aid kit and plasters, or as American's call them Band Aids. I found this flower though... A white rose. This is so wrong though. You see a white rose in the Hunger Game's symbolizes a promise of revenge. Why though? Why put it that pack? Was it meant for me because of my grandparents? Or could of anyone picked it up. I have no idea... But I knew it's not good.

3rd Person. 
As Jenna inspected this white rose, she had no idea what was coming for her. The game makers had planned something so evil that not even the cleverest man would know how to solve it. 

''Have you got him?'' Asked the evil master of all this plan. ''Yes sir, he's right here.'' The man pushed the poor person forward. ''Ah what a handsome young one we have here.'' The plan master walked circles around this person while he tried to escape. ''Get ready to put him in the games.'' The boy was now shaking with terror. ''Don't let your sister see you little Nialler.'' He let out a howl of evil laughter. 

''Niall Horan, district 12 now in the games....''