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Crazy Love. (Riker Lynch/Ross Lynch Love story.)
Story published 11 months ago · updated 11 months ago · 3 pages · 78 readers · 288 reads
Chapter 1-Meeting
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Chapter 1-Meeting the guys.

Zoey's POV.

I slept over at Jj's last night. It's Monday today. I get up and get dressed In this: ( I brush my hair and see Jj up. "Bathrooms all yours now." I tell her she laughs "Oh thank you I can use my own bathroom?" She asks sarcastically. I laugh and turn her I pod on I click play R5 music plays I smile and lay on the bed waiting for Jj. She finish's In 15 minutes she comes out looking like this: ( I was the one who got her those headphones I boss right anyway we walked out to my car and got in when I turned on the radio the anouncer guy came on and said"and R5 has announced that they're taking a break from they're tour to go back to high school and that lucky high school is river side height's now here's they're song pass me by" and the song came on wait did he say what I think he said R5 IS COMING TO OUR HIGH SCHOOL okay, Zoey calm down I look over to see Jj's reaction she had a surprised face that i laughed at "Zoey I believe that this is the time when people need to take this shirt seriously"she said I nodded. "I think I'm gonna faint." I told her. "Don't faint! Your driving I don't want to die when there coming." She told me I laughed. We arrived at school I put on my headphones and listened to R5. someone knocked them off my head while I was at my locker "Hey!" i said It was the mean girl and her 'Group' Her name Is Jade. Shes the leader of her group her other to friends. Lisnday and Andrea. "What?" She acted Innocent "I was listening to that." I told her "What your stupid little band? Who's the boys name you like so much? Ross Is It??" She asked "Just leave me alone Jade why do you care anyways If you don't like them then leave." I told her. Jj came up "I knew I smelled brat a mile away." She said I smiled and we high fived. Jade knocked my IPod out of my hands and onto the floor "Hey! I got her that!" Jj said "Oops." Jade said smiling. "You little brat all my songs were on there!" I told her she grabbed It and held It up high I'm not that tall and shes super tall "Give It back!!" I told her "No! It's mine now." She said someone grabbed It from her hands "I think that's hers." Someone said I looked at saw The Rocky Lynch holding my IPod full of there songs. "Whatever." Jade said she snapped her fingers and they followed. he handed It back "You like R5??" He asked Jj and I nodded they all smiled and when I mean they I mean (Ross Lynch, Rocky, Riker, Ratliff, Rydel, Ryland.) 

Ross's POV.

When we walked In and she stood up for our band I found It cute. the rude girl asked "What your stupid little band? Who's the boys name you like so much? Ross Is It??" She likes me. I'm pretty sure I was-"Aw hes blushing." Rocky teased. I found It Amazing that she didn't even know us yet she would stand up for us like that? she took her IPod and Rocky wen't up to her and grabbed It then handed It to her "You like R5?" He asked her. her friend and her nodded. "I'm Jj and this Is Zoey. Or Zoe." Jj explained "It's nice to meet you." I said smiling she blushed yes score for Ross!