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Avengers next generation
Story published 8 months ago · updated 8 months ago · 4 pages · 51 readers · 470 reads
Chapter one: Tera&
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Chapter one: Tera's POV

(Tera’s outfit: Tera)

(Toni’s outfit: Toni)


“So why is everyone here?” I asked. “We need to talk to you.” Steve said. “What is this about?” dad asked. “Well we are creating a new team. Spies.” Natasha said. “And what does this have to do with us?” Toni asked. “We want you and Tera on the team.” Nicholas said. “Really?” Toni asked skeptically. “Yes really. We need the Iron Twins!” Natalia said. The iron Twins? We haven’t been called that in years. We also haven’t put the suits on in years. And if you’re wondering who the other twin is, its Toni, my older by ten minutes, twin sister.


We accepted the offer and found out that we don’t have to start work for another two weeks. All the teenagers went to the back yard. We were sitting in the trees talking. “Why don’t we go to the lake house!?” Toni asked randomly. We all stared at her blankly. “What? Its got plenty of space, for us at least, and its right on the lake. Its perfect for a few weeks.” she stated. “I guess it could be fun. And I mean we don’t start work for like two weeks.” I said.


“I guess!” Steven said skeptically. “Ok Mr. Perfect! If you don’t wanna go thats fine! We’ll have just as much fun without you!” Toni said. “Fine i’m in!” Steven replied. “Me too!” Nat said. “I guess!” Clark and Nic said. “What about you Bails?” I asked Bailey. “Sure why not.” she said shyly. “Yes!!!” Toni said full of pure joy. This is the happiest i’ve seen her in a long time!!! “ I guess we should go ask dad and Pepper if we can use the lake house then.” I said. Toni jumped down from the tree and turned around to look at us. She stared at Steven for a few seconds before turning to the rest of us. “ I’ll go ask him!” she said and ran inside quickly.


The rest of us talked while she was inside. Steven and I were sitting in the same tree so we were talking. He rubbed the back of his neck. “You ok?” I asked. “Yeah just Toni go my pretty good in the training room!” he replied. “How bad did she hurt you?” I asked. “Not too bad but she got me pretty good.” he said.

Toni didn’t come out for an hour. When she did she was carrying a cup. Probably some kind of alchohol. “Where were you?” I asked. “Dad made me help him with my suit. Cause someone broke it.” she replied. “And then he let me have some scotch!” she said holding up her cup.

“What was everyone doing?” Steven asked. “Dad was down in his lab working on our suits, Captain Sparkles was trying to work the tv, Bruce was in my lab looking at the different machines, Natasha was in the bathroom, Fury was in the garage looking at all the cars, and Thor was raiding the kitchen for pop tarts.” Toni said climbing up the tree and sitting on her branch. “Did you tell him we don’t have any?” I asked. “We do! They’re in the cabinet.” Toni replied. Tally squealed and ran inside to get some pop tarts. “Them and their pop tarts!” Natalia said. “I know right! Who was the idiot who gave them poptarts?” Toni asked. “I have no clue!” I replied. “So what did Tony say?” Clark asked. “He said sure. As long as we leave the place as we found it.” Toni said. “Awesome!” I said leaning back against the trunk of the tree.