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Story published 11 months ago · updated 2 months ago · 20 pages · 4,191 readers · 21,197 reads
Justin Bieber-He c
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Justin Bieber-He cheats on you (REQUESTED)


                            You felt tears roll down your cheeks as you stared at the magazine on your coffee table.It showed Justin kissing another girl at a bar.You couldn't believe Justin would cheat on you.You heard your front door open which meant that Justin was home from the studio.Justin smiled and kissed your cheeks .Justin noticed your teat stained face and said "y/n what's wrong?"Oh like you don't know" you thought.You huffed and turned away.Justin finally got the hint that you were angry at him.He sat down and touched your leg "What did I do y/n ?"You quietly took a deep breath before saying "Like you dont know".Justin knitted his eyebrows together  before saying "I dont know what your talking about."That's when you had enough.You looked at the magazine and Justin followed your gaze.You felt him stiffen up next to you."y/n i can explai-" you didnt even let Justin finished his sentence before yelling " WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN EXPLAIN THIS ?THE EVIDENCE IS RIGHT HERE ! YOU CHEATED ON ME YOU BASTARD"!"y/n calm down i can explain that wasn't what it looked like" Justin tried to say."So your saying you didnt kiss that slut"?You said disgusted.Justin looked down and said" I-uh-um "."Well spit it out "You snapped.He closed his eyes before saying " I was drunk I didnt know what I was doing and she kissed me ,you know i wouldn't try to cheat on you". You looked at the ground and said "No I do know that you would cheat on me because you just did" .You stood up and walked to your once shared bedroom to pack up all your stuff.Once you had mostly everything,you walk downstairs and saw justin in the same spot as before.You walk to the door before turning around and saying "Goodbye Justin".Justin looked up and you were shocked because he was crying.You never saw him cry before.You couldn't look at him anymore so you quickly left.

   A couple of days later you were watching tv with your friend who let you stayed with her.You were on your phone scrolling through twitter when you started getting alot of mentions and DMs.You were curious so of course you checked your mentions.You were surprised to see alot of beliebers trying to talk to you.You scrolled down a little more to see what they were talking about.They were all telling you to put channel 2 on.So you quickly told your friend to change the channel.You locked your phone before turning your attention to the tv.Your friend looked at you briefly and said "Are you sure you want to watch this"You looked at her confused "what are you talking about".Before she got a chance to reply you heard the voice you missed so much.You looked at the tv and sighed and said "Yeah im sure".Your friend nodded and turned her attention to the tv.The interviewer was just asking justin normal questions until she started asking about you."So you and y/n broke up ,how is that going "That's when Justin started crying.You couldn't believe that he was actually crying over you!Justin tried to stop crying before saying" Uh it horrible I miss her so much I just want to hold her in my arms and tell her everything will be okay,but everything wont be okay because I messed up."The interviewer looked at Justin and said didnt you have to say something to y/n go ahead now is your chance.Justin sighed and said " y/n if your watching this im sorry I know this wont make up for everything but please im miserable without you ,if you forgive me um wait for me at my house ?  if you dont I understand and I will leave you alone.Your friend turned off the tv before looking at me ."What" you said.Your friend rolled her eyes before saying "well do you forgive him".You thought about it."I-uh -I mean yeah I do."Your friend clapped and squealed and said " come on let me take you to his house".Once you got there you saw Justin pacing back and forth by the front porch.You coughed loudly to get his attention.He looked at you quickly before picking you up and spinning you around "Oh my gosh, im glad your here I thought you weren't going to show up."You smiled.Justin kissed your forehead before saying "Does this mean you forgive me ?" You hugged him and said "Yeah I do,but if you do that again I will rip your balls off and staple them to your forehead".Justin chuckled and said "Wasn't planning on it.

(sorry I havent updated my dad took away my phone and laptop but i got it back so yay!(: )