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Blood Destiny (Vampire Zayn Malik)
Story published 11 months ago · updated 1 week ago · 30 pages · 3,766 readers · 26,798 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

At that very moment, I hopes for an enduring,everlasting, true love diminshed. I was being almost humiliated infront of a crowd of people who i had especially despised since the day i could walk. The boy holding me was still shamelessly pressing kisses around my jugular vein which was probably throbbing in sync with my heartbeat. I was silently pleading to God in my head that this person would nevr get to sink his filthy fangs in my flesh, the fangs used to suck the life out of innocent people. My people.
As if my prayers had been answered, the electric bell rings, signifying the start of the new day in school. He pulls away, his hazel eyes a blazing red, an annoyed look on his face. He ran his fingers through his dark strands which were styled in a quiff and grabs his bag which was lying beside him.
"Raincheck." He whispers his voice husky and seductive.
I shuddered in digust.
Nobody P.O.V.
In seconds the hallway emptied except a few slow slaves, who to, disregarded her presence and scattered off. She sank to the floor, finally letting her emotions to get the best of her, a river of tears streaming down her face. She pulled her knees up to her chest, gently rocking herself as she cried. Her nightmare, which she didn't even know existed was coming true. She knew she was looking at the life of a slave, to fulfill and satisfy his needs and she felt dirty at once. Something as pure as her virtue, she will not lose it to someone she'll love, she doubted it if it will even remain long enough.She'll be just a harlot to him and he will think it's love. Maybe she was the 3% . She thought so.
She didn't even know his name or who he was but she was sure as anything she didn't want to. She didn't want to stay here and wait for 'him'. A series of profanities ran through her head and she was sure he was everyone of the insults she was thinking about. She felt so helpless, she was trapped and she was suffocating.
She scrambled to her feet and grabbed her things making a dash for the outside. Luckily there was no one to stop her but she still was vigilant. She ran through the gates and then for a distance and decided to call her mum.
She dialed her number, wating as it beeped and broke into a fit on sobs, even though she didn't want to, when she heard her mum's voice.
"I- I found m-my mate mum." She said between hiccups.
"What's wrong in that baby?"
"He's a vampire."
THe line went silent for a while then mum said in a serious tone.
"Where are you?"
"Outside school, why?"
"I'm coming to pick you up, don't move."

Back to her P.O.V.
After a while i was sitiing in the passenger seat of our car, bags filled with clothes and neccessities currently cluttered our backseats. Mum had already masked my scent and her's to, just incase and we were going to the house on the mountains, mum had bought as a safe house. As you see, my mum worked with vampires in a department where they actually respected her, imagine, vampires respecting a human!, and she earned a good amount of money every month thus enabling us to buy the lovely wooden cabin.
Masking scents is an old very difficult ritual and had been in use even before vampires took over, an old woman, i used to call grandma, who had died 2 years ago had  taught this to my mum because according to her I had touched her heart and she loved me as her own granddaughter.
We drove a great deal but at at a fast speed and reached the cabin before it was 3 at the school and when i would be found out to be missing.
After setting out stuff, i looked out the window and realized it was already very late. I heard my mum call me for dinner and i ran downstairs.
We sat at the dinning table, an uncomfortable silence lingering in the air until my mum started.
"What was his name?"
"I-I don't know, he didn't tell me." I said lowly, looking down and playing with my food.
My mum nodded solemnly and stuffed another spoonful in her mouth. After gulping it down with water, she asked again.
"How did he look like?"
"He had black hair, styled in a quiff." I said. I furrowed my eyebrows, trying to concentrate on the details.
"His eyes were a Hazel and he had a stubble.... What?" i asked shocked at my mum's expression who looked as if she'd seen a ghost.
"How did people react around him?" she asked. I though that was a weird question to ask but i answered anyway.
"They were terrified of him. Even vampires."
Before my mum could say anything the radio roared to life.

" This show is interuppted to inform you The prince's mate is missing. She is a brunette with dark brown eyes. Her height is between 5"3 to 5"4. Her complexion is fair and the last time she was seen in A black hoodie and faded blue jeans.  She answers to the name Jenette. If anyone has seen her please contact the authorities and inform about her whereabouts. A large sum awaits the finder, Her we resume your program."

The radio switched back to the slow song and all i saw was darkness and his eyes...

Updated. I got that idea when my brother was irritating the hell outta me so thank you lil' bro!
This is a dedication to a really special friend and all the hearts it gets are just for her and her love for this guy. Zayn. :)