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Memories Star Trek (Spock x Reader)
Story published 9 months ago · completed · 7 pages · 731 readers · 994 reads
Memories Star Trek
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Memories Star Trek (Spock x Reader)

Different (7)

You clung to your mother's arm as you looked around the strange new planet which you would now call home. Yes, you were a Vulcan, but only 25% and like both your parents you were human, too. You took after your father as you looked more human than Vulcan, but you're ears were slightly more pointed than a human's and less so than a Vulcan's. This was trait that you knew that you would be teased for. You didn't want to leave Earth, but your parents were the Ambassadors of Earth so you had no choice. You were greeted by the elders and were respectful to them, but at one point you had wandered off to look around. You heard sniffling and looked for the sound then followed it. You saw a young Vulcan sitting by himself on a roc, rubbing his eyes. "Are you okay?" you asked slowly walking over to him, so as not to startle him.

A young Spock turned toward you and nodded slightly. "I am fine." he said in a wavering voice.

"You wanna try that again, only a little more convincingly this time?" you asked with a playful smile as you sat down next to him.

"You're the human Ambassadors daughter, aren't you." he stated.

You nodded. "(y/f/n)(y/l/n)."

"Spock." the boy said introducing himself.

You smiled and gave him a Vulcan salute which he returned. "So, why were you crying?" you asked softly.

"A couple of older kids were picking on me because my mother is human. They said I was neither Vulcan nor human." Spock replied hanging his head.

"So, they were picking on you because you're...different. Hmmm. I think they were picking on you because you're special and they're not." you told him.

Spock's head snapped up and he turned to look at you. "How am I special?"

"You understand human feeling and can express them while you also understand how Vulcans think and act. I'm different, too." you replied.

Spock looked at you confused. "How are you different?"

"I am not just human but 25% Vulcan. I am a child of two worlds as are you. Don't let them get to you because they say mean things. Different is a good thing." you said smiling and put your hand over his.

Spock smiled back and held your hand.

Stinging Words and Shuttles (17)

"Spock, please!" you said grabbing his arm to stop him. "T'hy'la, just tell me what is wrong." you pleaded cupping his cheek.

"It is wrong for you to call me that. You are bonded to another as am I." Spock replied in a steady tone. He knew he had to say these things to you before he felt it was too late. Sweet words were fine, but you were both coming of age where you would need to be faithful to those who you were both betrothed to.

"You know I don't care for T'Al in that way. And it won't matter. The mind meld didn't work ten years ago and it won't now." you told him.

"How did it not work?" Spock asked confused.

"I wouldn't let it or my Vulcan side is not embraced enough. I don't know! I want to be with you, Spock, and I know deep down you want to be with me, too." you said softly.

"No, I do not. I will honor my betrothal." Spock replied.

You dropped your cheek from his hand then hung your head. "Then I'll let you be the honorable person I know you to be." you whispered as you went over to the door. You stopped then said, "Goodbye, T'hy'la." You walked out, willing yourself not to cry and you lip to stop trembling.

Spock sat down and sighed. For the last time before the trials he would let himself cry over loosing you then he would turn only to logic.

You ran into your father in your apartments and found out that your family was being called away to settle a diplomatic dispute on Earth, not knowing whether you would return to Vulcan.

The next day Spock awoke a hush seemed to be over the city. He dressed for the day then when he was exiting his room he was met by his mother. "Mother, what is it?"

"(y/n), told me that yesterday you two had a disagreement and wished for me to tell you that she was sorry. (y/n) also said that you were right, that you should do the honorable thing and she told me to tell you goodbye." Amanda told him.

"Goodbye?" Spock asked titling his head to the side.

"(y/n) and her parents were recalled to Earth to help settle a problem among the Ambassadors and your father left with them. (y/n) said that she wouldn't know if she'd ever come back." Amanda replied.

Spock felt his heart break and feelings of anguish and turmoil stir within him. He nodded numbly and kept silent.

Amanda looked at her son sadly and hugged him. "You'll see (y/n) and she'll love you just as she does now." she said reassuringly.

Spock only nodded, not really believing his mother's words, but allowed them to offer him some comfort.

(Meanwhile on the Shuttle en route to Earth)

You looked out the window and felt a tear roll down your cheek as you watched Vulcan disappear into the distance. You knew that the logical choice would be to walk away: From Spock, Vulcan, your love for him, but you knew that it wouldn't be easy. You also knew that you were determined and stubborn so you would walk away from your life on Vulcan and move on creating a new one on Earth. You wiped your tears away and stared straight ahead, never at the planet and the one Vulcan you thought you would never leave.

Reunited and Torn Apart(28)

You walked down the halls of Starfleet Academy, weaving your way through the crowd as you had your nose buried in a book of techniques that you could try to save the Kobayashi Maru. You heard that a Vulcan had programmed it and just by knowing that bit of information, you knew that it would be difficult and you would have to be as prepared as possible. You closed your book when you came to the door of the simulation room then went in and sat in the command chair. You took a deep breath and waited for your other cadets who would be in here with you. You turned when you heard the door opened then dropped your book when you saw Spock.

"(y/n)?" he asked surprised.

"S-Spock." you said standing up hesitantly. "You programmed the Kobayashi Maru? You're here in Starfleet? On Earth? You're on Earth!" You had so many thoughts in your head and so many emotions were bubbling to the surface.

"Yes, I did program this simulation and I am in Starfleet and on Earth as well." Spock said pushing back his shock and warm feelings at seeing you again.

Your face showed a look of pain then anger and finally happiness. You couldn't help hugging him before you slapped him. "That was for being a complete ass." you said before you left the room, consequences be damned.

(2 Days Later)

"Vulcan in trouble? That can't be true. Sarek and Amanda." you thought as you made your way around the Enterprise. "Please be alright." You went onto the Bridge and over to your station which to your surprise was right next to Spock's. You ignored him as you programmed your console.

(Time Skip)

You took a deep breath then went over to Spock. "Hi." you said hesitantly.

"Lieutenant." Spock replied with a small nod.

"Your other self asked me to go with him to find a suitable planet for the Vulcan survivors and I wanted your opinion." you told him.

"It would be wise for you to go since you have a vast knowledge of planets and would know whether they are suitable for our people or not." he said logically.

"Our people." you thought. You nodded then looked up at him. "Would...Would you miss me if I left. For good?"

"You are quitting Starfleet?" Spock asked shocked.

You nodded. "I only joined to forget you and here you are!" you said with a bitter chuckle. "I can't move on if I stay and I need to move on. I thought I had, but when I look at you--" You sighed and shook your head slightly.

"Yes, I would miss you. T'Pring and I are no longer engaged." he informed you.

You looked at him shocked. "Did she challenge the betrothal?" you asked.

Spock nodded. "And I will always love another." he said pressing his hand to yours in a Vulcan kiss.

You smiled sadly and felt tears sting your eyes. You swallowed the lump in your throat then gave him a chaste peck on the lips. "I'll always love you, too." You looked into his brown eyes as his gazed into your own (e/c). "I'll contact you as soon as we have found a planet."

Spock nodded then cupped your cheeks and kissed you soundly. "Goodbye, (y/n)."

"Goodbye." you whispered before you left him standing there alone.

Returns (29)

Jim Kirk a personal friend of yours had asked you to return to Earth because his friend and mentor, Christopher Pike had been murdered. To him you were like a sister and he could drop the playboy persona around you and just be Jim.

You knocked on the door then waited and heard a small clatter along with a rustling of fabric before the door opened. You looked at Jim sadly when you saw his disheveled hair, bags under his eyes, pale skin, and blue eyes that didn't shine as they used to. "Oh, Jim." you whispered before you wrapped your arms around him and held him close.

"(y/n). You came." he said hugging you back and burying his face in the crook of your neck.

"Of course I did. You asked me to remember?" you asked with a light chuckle as you ran your fingers through his hair.

He pulled away slightly and gave you a sad smile then let you in.

"How is everyone holding up? I haven't spoken to anyone in--" you started to say.

"A year." Jim said shutting the door then sat on the couch. "It's been a year. Not very nice of you." he said giving you a slight smirk.

"Well, looks like he's getting back to normal." you thought. You smiled and sat down next to him. "So, how is everyone?"

"Coping. I want to get the bastard that did this, (y/n). Pike deserves justice." Jim told you.

"Justice or are you thinking revenge?" you asked curiously.

"Oh, don't 'Spock' me, (y/n)." he whined.

You chuckled and hugged him then gave him a kiss on the cheek. "How's the Enterprise?"

"The only constant woman in my life since you left." he replied smirking.

You rolled your eyes playfully and elbowed him.

Jim smiled and chuckled then looked at the door when he heard a knock. He got up and opened the door. "Speak of the Pointy!"

You jumped up in surprise and turned toward the door.

"Commander, I have repeatedly asked you not to call me that." Spock said as he walked in. He dropped his hat when he saw you.

"Surprise?" you offered with a nervous chuckle.

Spock crossed the room in two strides and held you close. Very unSpock-like.

Words Never Said (29)

You leaned your head on Spock's shoulder and held his arm as you both walked through Golden Gate Park.

"The day before you left when we were 17 I was cold to you because I knew that I was falling to deeply in love with you and our parents would never sanction the marriage between us. I had to make you hate me so that we could each be 'happy' and retain our honor." Spock told you.

"I know. I challenged my betrothal even though it technically never existed and I was freed from the contract much to my parents disapproval, but I know they'd rather me be with someone of my choosing like they chose each other." you replied.

"And would you choose me after all this time?" Spock asked looking down at you.

You looked at the Bay then turned to face Spock and held his hands. "Of course I would. My heart chose you the day we met. You are my best friend and true love. I want to be with you always."

"And I feel the same." Spock said smiling faintly. "If you'll have me I promise to love you always."

"I'd have no one, but you." you replied kissing him on the lips. You put one of his hands against your cheek and allowed him into your mind and he let you do the same as you bound yourselves together in a mind-meld. "I belong here in your arms." you whispered against his lips.

"And I belong in yours, T'hy'la." Spock replied softly.

(Present Day)

Spock stopped pacing when he heard the door open then turned to face his father and Dr. McCoy before he crossed the length of room over to them. "How is, (y/n)?" he asked allowing his worry to show.

"Her heart rate is slowing as is her blood pressure and I can't do a damn thing to stop it." Bones replied in a frustrated tone as he sat down. "The only thing I can think of is complications of childbirth, but the symptoms just don't fit."

"How long does she have?" Spock asked as he looked out the window and gazed at New Vulcan.

"A day or perhaps less." Bones guessed running a hand over his face. "I'm sorry, Spock." he said looking at the half-Vulcan. "(y/n)'s awake if you want to see her."

Spock nodded then went into your bedroom and sat down next to you as he held your hand, alarmed at how cold it was and tried to warm it with his own. "(y/n)." he said softly.

You opened your eyes and smiled faintly at him, ignoring how tired you were. "How are they?" You remembered giving birth to twins, a boy and a girl then exhaustion had overtaken you.

"Both are healthy and waiting to see you." Spock replied, running a hand through your hair.

You smiled sadly up at him, knowing what was happening. "I'm sorry I won't be around to see them grow up."

"(y/n)--" Spock started.

"No, listen to me." you said choking back a sob. "I want you to tell them how we met, how we came to love each other. I want you to tell them that you love them everyday and teach them to be human and Vulcan. Promise." you told him, tears running down your cheeks.

"I promise." he replied, honestly.

"I love you so much, Spock, and I wish our time together wasn't so short." you said.

Spock nodded in agreement then pressed a gentle kiss to your lips and crawled in beside you and held you.

"I belong in your arms." you said letting sleep fall over you.

"And I belong in yours." Spock replied, feeling your heartbeat slow down.