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Sliced *Sequel to Smirk JTK love story*
Story published 11 months ago · updated 4 months ago · 80 pages · 15,461 readers · 280,712 reads
Before this began.
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Before this began.

          *Alex's P.O.V*

           Its been five years since Vanessa last attacked. I guess you can guess how old Violet is now. She left when she couldn't find the third floor and we managed to break down the door to Slenders office. Since then we won't go into the woods unless we are with a group with at least five people. It's to dangerous to go alone and we can't risk the life of our daughter. 
           The only joy we've had was another baby. Jane and Masky were blessed with a boy named Luke. He's only a few months younger than Violet and they never let each other go anywhere alone. It's quite cute actually. We tease them by saying they make a cute couple. But we get the same reaction every time. A tongue fart. With two five year old's you have to expect that. 
           I'm guessing you're wondering about the marriage. We had to have a small wedding. No dress. No cake. No reception and we had an exorcist priest marry us. It would be to dangerous to have a big wedding because Vanessa's army is every where. I can't visit Michael anymore until things get better.

          "Mommy!" Said Violet wearing her black night gown. Her skin was pale so it made her black hair stand out. "Have you seen Luke? We're playing hide and go seek and i can't find him!" She said looking at me and Jeff.
          "Nope. I have no clue." Just after i said that we heard a giggle from the kitchen. 
          "If i were you i'd search in the kitchen." Said Jeff. She giggled and ran to the kitchen. Just then a light brown haired boy dashed from the kitchen and onto the living room floor followed by Violet.
          "You dummy! I found you!" She said tackling Luke.
          "Get off of me! You're a girl! Girls are stinky!" He shouted.
          "You tell her Luke!" Said Jeff.
          Violet felt a little beat so she shouted. "Well so are boys!" Just then Laughing Jack entered the room. 
          "Jack!" They both shouted.
          "Can we have some candy? Please!" Said Luke as they both got to there knees.
          "Not now." He said floating into the kitchen.
          "PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!" They begged.
          "OH MY GOD HERE!" He said Throwing the candy at both of them. They laughed and dashed upstairs to snack on there sweets.