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You Can't Have Her (Byakuya x Reader x Senbonzakura)
Story published 11 months ago · updated 11 months ago · 2 pages · 753 readers · 1,054 reads
Your Lost Love Tos
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Your Lost Love Toshiro Hitsugaya

Masaru P.O.V

This is the childish thing I've ever seen Captain Kuchiki do. If you are all wondering...he is fighting his zanpakuto, Senbonzakura. Why? Of Course because of my owner, the one and only ________ ________! She's really adorable when she's serious and smiles. "Say Senbonzakura! Do you think _______ likes cherry blossoms?" I ask smirking. "Damn it. I've never asked her! D-Does she?!" He asked nervously behind his mask. "I'm not sure...maybe she doesn't like them at all..." I said calmly. Did I mention that I support and mess with them? Hah! "NO! ASK HER!" Both the captain and his zanpakuto yelled in unison. "Sure. I'll be back." I said and walked back to my owner who was sitting under a cherry blossom tree. Wow, she makes their question's answer obvious. "Hey _____! So what are you doing under the tree?" I ask walking over and laying down with my head on her lap. "Masaru...What is love?" You ask brushing your fingers through my hair. "A feeling I guess. Your heart will race really fast and you'll get butterflies in your tummy...that's a sign that points to love. Why the question all of a sudden? I thought you didn't love anyone since you lost your memory a couple months ago." I said looking at her face. "Put your hand on my heart Masaru. Is it a normal pace?" You ask staring back at me. "I-It's sort of racing. Who are you think about?" I ask putting my hand in between her chest. "....My lost love. The one I forgot about since I lost my memory...You know...why won't you tell me his name?" You ask catching a cherry blossom in your hand. "Forget about him _____. I think it'll be better for you to move on. After was a forbidden relationship from the start....even when your family didn't approve of the idea of you loving someone else who wasn't a noble." I said strictly so you would understand. "Fine." You said getting up and letting my head fall. "Ack! Ow! Hey where are you going?!" I yell running up to her as she kept walking away. "To Masumoto. Maybe she can squeal more things about me than you." You said glaring at Masaru and punched him right across the face sending him flying.
                                                                                                        End of P.O.V

Timeskip! Brought to you by KON and CHAPPY~

"Matsumoto. Squeal it! Who is my lost love?!" You asked harshly. "Geez _____...Didn't Masaru spill the beans already?" She asked tired out. "No. Tell me now Rangi-!" You were cut off by Masaru who threw you out of the room. "Don't tell her! She has a better chance at happiness." Masaru said breathing heavily and rubbed the bruise you gave him. "Ha Ha Ha! She did that bruise? She's shorter than my captain and she punches that hard? Hey! What's wrong with my captain? He gave her all the love and she did the same." Rangiku said and pouted. "I'll squeal you this. Senbonzakura and his captain have these major crushes on _____." Masaru whispered to Rangiku. "REALLY?! Wait. My captain still loves her. And she is still going out with him since they never broke up." Rangiku whispered back. "RANGIKU! MASARU! LET US IN!" You and Toshiro yelled through the door raging with anger. "They're still into each other. Remember they always did this when we hung out and locked them out?" Rangiku said happily. "Yeah well this isn't love. They're really pissed!" Masaru yelled pulling Rangiku with  him under the captains desk. You and Toshiro ended up slicing the door. "Where is that idiot? Masaru...Rangiku, tell me!" You yelled really pissed. " What is it _______?" Toshiro asked trying to calm you down. "Do you know who is my lost love? Masaru won't tell me and Rangiku I think was convinced not to tell me by Masaru." You said calming down. "I know...Do you want me to tell you _____?" Toshiro said getting your attention. "Yes please captain..." You said staring at him. Suddenly Toshiro turned you around and kissed your lips to which you slapped him for. "Captain! C-Captain H-Hitsugaya?...You are my lost love?..." You asked staring at him in shock. "Yes." Toshiro said rubbing the place you slapped him at. "T-That's impossible.....You're a captain and I'm just a lieutenant..." You said backing away from him and onto his desk. "That didn't matter to you before and not to me either...mainly because you were going to be a captain before you lost your memory..." He said pinning you onto his desk. "Get off me....You seem like a pervert right now..." You said not looking at him. "I GOT IT!" Rangiku yelled as she snapped a picture of the both of you. "Send it to me later. They seem really pissed..." Masaru said running out and you chasing him. "NEVERMIND HIM BEING THE PERVERT! YOU'RE THE PERVERT TAKING PICTURES ALONG WITH RANGIKU! BASTARD!" You yelled through out the soul society chasing Masaru.
To Be Continued!
My first try with bleach characters in these fanfictions. :3
Hope you all enjoyed!
-Candy and Scones From Hotaru-Chan~