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Hetalia Theory - Prussia
Story published 9 months ago · 1 page · 190 readers · 235 reads
Hetalia Theory - P
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Hetalia Theory - Prussia

Gilbert walked through the streets nervously, looking left and right each step he took. Why did he do this? He was afraid...He was afraid of the people who would beat him up. His house was only a few more blocks away. Perfect. He walked only a bit faster, while listening to German rock on his iPod. Yes, he loved music. He was dedicated to it, and had a guitar back home.

A chick chirped right in front of him, causing Gil to laugh lightly, picking it up. "Did you get away from the farmer to see me again?" He asked the bird, smiling. "I'll get you back there before I go home. It's not safe out here." He placed on top of his head, and started to walk away. Footsteps were heard behind him, and he knew this wasn't good. Gilbert started to run faster and faster until the back of the collar of his shirt got pulled back, causing him to let out a yelp. 

"HEY! Where do you think you're going, punk?!" This boy was the leader of the little group. Gilbert was the main target, and had always been picked on.  The chick that was on his head was now on the sidewalk. It's beady black eyes widened as it's little legs started to run. "BIRDIE!" Gil screamed, as the chick went into the road. A car drove past, and tears threatened to come out of the albino's eyes. The bullies laughed at the victim. "Do you think I'm finished with you?! PIN HIM!" The two other boys pinned the albino boy against the wall with full force. "Now." Here and there, punches were given to the face. The albino screamed for help, tears running down his face. He knew it. This was the end. 

After the group of bullies were done, they started to laugh as they walked away from the bleeding teen. Gilbert started to have shorter and shorter breaths while imagining. Imagining a world where HE would be happy. A world that he wouldn't be picked on. A world where he could be  He died right on the spot. They found his body one day later. No one was there to help him.

Gilbert felt a tug as sunlight blinded him. "Hey! Get up, you idiot! It's time to go!" It was a boy. Well, that's what the albino assumed. He looked up at the person, and got up. "Oh...Okay....Let's go!" Gil smiled, getting up off the bed. 

This story explains why he has over self-confidence, saying he is awesome. This also explains his love for animals and music.