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The Unusual video
Story published 11 months ago · 1 page · 4 readers · 6 reads
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I was at home one night browsing the Internet cause I was board as hell. I had decided to go on YouTube and watch random video's. I watched acouple of creepy videos when one caut my eye. It was titled "Happieness". The video was only 2 minutes long, so I decided to watch it. The video starts out with a camera with a flashlight in a dark room. Then something moves on screen. It was a man, but I couldn't see his face, and a women that was tied up and being pushed into site. The man then pushes her to the ground. The man takes a club and hits her in the back of the head, knocking her out.

The video cuts to another area. It shows the man from befor walking. He had the camera in one hand and a knife in the other. The women then apeared on screen. He set the camera down and walked tourds her . the man then starts to stab her. The video ends from there. I had n idea what I just watched. I looked at the description and it said something very disturbing. It said "she never finished the game, how about you". The video was uploaded yesterday.