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Green Eyed Feline
Story published 11 months ago · updated 10 months ago · completed · 8 pages · 425 readers · 2,129 reads
Animal Shelter
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Animal Shelter

Chapter 1

So don't you worry your pretty little mind
People throw rocks at things that shine
And life makes love look hard
The stakes are high, the water's rough

But this love is ours
~TaylorSwift, Ours.

Temari had no intension of owning a cat or even looking at cats. She had only been assigned to get some pictures of the new Animal Shelter building for a local magazine. The outside of the building had just been painted in a unique design created by a local artist commonly known as Sasori.

 After getting the required pictures of the building on the outside, Temari went inside to get some information and also see if there were any interesting features that could be photographed. 

The lobby and office area were very quiet, sound proofed it seemed. Temari had never been to an animal shelter before, so she didn't realise the lack of sound was unusual. The Shelter was not open to the public yet, but being a photojournalist, Temari was aloud in. 

Entering the actual animal area, the noise was deafening. Dogs barking, yelping, howling and all the sounds they could make were heard.A few quiet ones could be seen sitting at the back in their cages.

 She quickly passed through and into another room where the cats were kept in small cages. The cats looked pathetic. They were frightened by the barking and seemed to know what fate awaited most of them. It was almost as if they had accepted there future, maybe even looking forward to relief from the barking dogs. 

Only one cat had a different attitude. Standing at the front of the cage, he inspected the newcomer, stuck one paw through the bar as if telling Temari to come closer. The cat had a bright eyed look about him. Temari went over to the cage.

 As she put her hand carefully near the cage, the cat reached out and grabbed her finger, no claws extended, in confident friendship. Temari knew she couldn't leave this cat behind. She paid the required fees and bought a carrier for him. The yet unnamed cat went home with her


Hello and thanks for cheeking out my story! I will update once I have at least 2 comments. Thank you!
DON'T own Naruto or the Sand Siblings. There are some characters reasonable to me though.


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