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Story published 9 months ago · updated 8 months ago · 1 page · 478 readers · 460 reads
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Sasuke waited at the door, a bouquet of flowers in one hand. He had rung the door bell like what? 20 times or so? Cursing, he pulled out his phone. He tapped called and waited for an answer. Nothing. He leaned against the door. Why wasn't his (F/N) answering? Was she in the shower? Did she fall asleep? Sasuke placed his flowers on the porch. His eyes gleamed as he saw a a message. He tapped the messages and got an unknown number. His eyes widened. A picture of (F/N) with her hands behind her back on the floor dominated the screen. There was a man with a knife to her neck. Emotions surged through his body as he saw her in tears. He read the text. "If you want to see her again, call us " Sasuke knew his work was dangerous, but he didn't think it would affect his girlfriend. He pulled put his own knife. He admired how it shone in the moonlight, however no amount of cleaning would ever erase what the dagger had done. He knew the protocol for this bit he couldn't. This was personal.

"Hello?" A voice said through the line

"What did you bastards do to her?" Sasuke growled.

"Oh you're Uchiha Sasuke. Boss told us to get him of you called, hold on." The man said. Sasuke felt anger surge through him. What type of Mickey Mouse organization was this? 

 "Uchiha Sasuke, if you want to see you're girlfriend, I suggest you head over to our place. I think you know where." Sasuke knew that voice. It was his rival. He knew where their HQ was.

"She doesn't have anything to do with this! You coward..." Sasuke snarled. 

"We do anything to get what we want." The voice said. The line ended. Sasuke rushed to his house. Sasuke needed anything he could get his hands on at this moment. Pale hands jabbed random keys inside a lock. Finally it turned. Frantically, Sasuke rushed to a closet door in his bedroom. Weapons were neatly arranged in rows. Rapidly changing out of his tuxedo, Sasuke put on his mission clothes. He grabbed at as many weapons he could and ran out the door into the dark wilderness. A flower managed to escape it's plastic bouquet wrap and flutter through the breeze