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The Bad Evans
Story published 7 months ago · updated 3 months ago · completed · 136 pages · 6,616 readers · 110,630 reads
Chapter One: Back
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Chapter One: Back to England and My Horrible Family

A/n: hey, it's the author of The Unexpected *marauder era* and Almost like we're back in time  Can you pretend that the hair on the collages is Azalea's red hair please.  Thanks :D

 I am waiting at Manchester Airport, waiting for my 'family' to come pick me up.  Yes, my family that sent me away at the age of six with my great-auntie to Brazil because they couldn't deal with me and are forced to take me back ten years later because they have to.  I got kicked out of Salem Witches' Institute because of something that happened.  Something that no one can ever know about.  No one at all!  I'm not even excited to go 'home', in fact, I'm dreading it.  It will just go back to me being scolded and shouted at, and made to feel like a useless piece of crap that doesn't deserve to live.  They'll compare me to Lily, my older twin sister.  She's a brat.  I can see why Petunia hates her so much.  

"Azalea?" Says a voice.  I look up from my magazine to see my Mum and Dad looking over at me.  Ah, Mr Henry and Mrs Marie Evans, the proud parents of Lily and Petunia Evans.  They aren't proud of me at all.  I'm a big disappointment to them.  They aren't even smiling to see me after ten years.  They glance at each other and then Dad picks my suitcase and Mum pulls me up.  We walk in silence to the silver Toyota Yaris that was waiting in the car park.  I climb into the back and take my magazine out again while Mum puts on the radio and starts talking to Dad.  We arrive in Cokesworth by our house an hour later.  

I walk up the drive to the house I could hardly remember.  The house has changed; there is now a green lawn which looks weird and doesn't suit the grey block of houses, the houses has been painted a dark shade of green and Mum has put out lily and petunia flower pots.  She's missed out azaleas.   I ring the doorbell and Petunia answers the door with a tearful Lily behind her.  Petunia has her black hair cut above her shoulders and in curly ringlets while Lily has her hair by her waist and in a plait.  Even though we're twins, we really don't look alike.  My eyes are greener and my skin is darker and so is my hair.  My hair is also more red and curly.  Lily's eyes are a mild green, her hair is almost ginger and her skin is so deathly-pale, she sometimes looks ill.  Remind me how she is drop-dead gorgeous again?  Mum rushs into the house and cradles Lily's face in her hands.
"Lily, baby, are you alright?" She asks worriedly.    
"Yes, Mum." Lily replies, wiping away her tears.  Mum kisses Lily's forehead and I walk into the house after taking my  suitcase away from Dad. 
"Where is my room?" I question.  
"Can't you remember?" Sneers Petunia, folding her arms. 
"I haven't lived in this house for ten years." I snap at her stupid question.  "And you or Lily might've taken my room as well." 
"Hey, Azalea! Don't be so rude! Your room is upstairs, in the same place." Dad says.  I sigh and heave my suitcase up to my room.  It's at the top of the house, in the loft and is quite small but cosy.  The walls are white and and there is a single bed in the small room.  The bed covers is blue and there is a wardrobe and a desk, both made out of pine.   I start unpacking my clothes and put my ornaments on my desk before going back down.  

As I walk down the stairs, the doorbell rings.  
"Azalea, get the door!" Mum orders from the kitchen.  I sigh and walk to the door and open it.  Four boys are standing in the garden with their hands in their pockets.  The first one is tall with messy black hair, hazel eyes and round glasses.  He has a strong but thin body and he looks fast and swift on a broomstick.  The next boy is slightly shorter than the first and has curly hair that came just above his shoulders.  He had grey, stormy eyes and he has a strong build.  The third has a book with him, sandy-blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes.  He also has scars on his face and is very tall.  He doesn't seem like the type that would play on a broomstick.  The last is short, fat and has dirty-blonde hair and bad acne.  
"Who are you?" Demands the boy with glasses rudely.  "Do you live here?" 
"No! Well, I do but I-I just moved in.  Who are you?" I question.  
"James Potter, this is Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew.  Now what do you mean, you just moved in?" The James boy quizzes.  Sirius is checking me out while Peter looks at the ground and Remus nods and smiles at me politely.  
"I'm Lily's sister." I explain.
"ooh, where is Lily?" James says excitedly.  Just on cue, Lily comes to the door and sighs irritably. 
"Potter." She says coldly.  "Come in." She can't leave them waiting there as she's the 'perfect' child and it's rude manners to do that.  

I walk into the kitchen with Lily and the boys.  Remus has just told me that they're in Lily's year at Hogwarts and call themselves the Marauders.  
"Hello, Mrs Evans!" The boys cry cheerfully when they enter the kitchen.  
"Hello, darlings!" Mum says sweetly to them.  She then offers them a plate of cake.  Ugh.   She treats them better than she treats me!  Then Mum turns to me.  
"So, missy.  Would you like to explain why you've been kicked out of Salem?" She demands.  "You've caused so much trouble for us." 
"I didn't exactly want to come back and live with you either.  I know you don't want me here but I'll be gone soon." I retort, rolling my eyes.  
"Azalea! Tell me why you've been kicked out?!" Mum screeches irritably.  I quickly make up an excuse.
"I played a prank and my classmates didn't like it.  They told the headmistress and I got expelled." I smoothly lie.  Mum's face starts to redden and Lily and Petunia start to snicker. 
"Azalea Leona Evans! That was so irresponsible! How could you?  You should be more like Lily, she'd never do anything like that!" 
"Yes, well, I'm not Lily!" I shout back.  Mum frowns harder and drops her voice to a whisper.  
"Azalea, I'm trying to keep my temper with you!" She hisses through gritted teeth, her nostrils flared.  Then her eyes widen as she spotted something.  I follow her glare and saw that she is looking at the musical note tattooed on the side of my hand. 

She gasps dramatically.  "Is that a tattoo?!" She shrieks in a high-pitched voice, clapping her hand to her mouth.  Dad, Lily, Petunia and the Marauders rush over and look at my hand.  
"How many more do you have?" Dad demands as he holds Mum up who looks like she is going to faint.  I sigh and roll up my right sleeve to reveal my deathly Hallows tattoo.  Mum gasps again. 
"Get to your room, Azalea! We are so ashamed of you!" Dad shouts.  I fold my arms and leave the kitchen, kicking the door as I pass it.  I go up to my room and flop down on my bed.  It's only a tattoo, for god's sake.  

After lying on my bed with my legs up in the air, I get bored and suddenly I remember.  I had an electric guitar here before.  Hopefully, they haven't thrown it out.  I look through the cupboards and under my bed till I found the white electric guitar.  I also found the speakers and plug it all in.  I then start playing Pumped up Kicks by Foster The People while singing along and having the backtracking playing on my radio.  I was singing along when Lily comes into the room, the Marauder following.
"You're in trouble." Lily says with a smirk evident on her face. 
"I know." I say coldly. 
"And I don't Mum and Dad want you under their roof." She says. 
"I don't want to be staying here either." I say.  
"Why don't you leave then? It was nice when it was just me and Petunia.  It was like you weren't part of the family." James and the Marauders' mouths all drop open and they look back from Lily to me back to Lily back to me.  Tears don't sting by eyes, like Lily is hoping to happen.  
"Where would I go? I'd rather live in this hell-hole then be homeless, Lily." Lily shrugs and leaves the room.  The Marauders glance back at me before following after Lily.  I don't care, I hate her.  She isn't worth my tears.