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The Twisted Truth (Marble Hornets)
Story published 9 months ago · updated 3 months ago · 13 pages · 312 readers · 993 reads
Entry One
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Entry One

Entire story disclaimer: Marble Hornets along with the plot, dialogue, and characters belong to Troy Wagner, Joseph Delage and Tim Sutton. I'm only responsible for Carly and anything she manages to mess up. I also don't own any pictures or music featured in the following story. Thank you.
Chapter one set in entry #31
Leaves crunched under his feet as Jay, with his camera tight within his grasp, walked down the trail in Rosswood Park. The trail was thin and swept over with leaves and sticks, jutting out between acres of lanky trees. He had been changing location frequently to avoid being followed, but decided to stay in the hotel he woke in, after a seven month blank. Jessica had been acting strange, he thought, but they had adjoining rooms being the only guests seen around the hotel which made it even more suspicious.

As he walked, he could hear very faint footsteps behind him, approaching leisurely. Could it be the paranoia caused by months, even years of being stalked? Or was there really someone behind him? Vivid images flooded his mind as he managed to further scare himself with not-so-likely scenarios. Looking over his shoulder, he felt his heart race upon seeing a hooded person approaching. 

His erratic breathing was his main focus as he broke out into a jog, straying away from the path at a point to hide from the hooded man. Distance was best kept in possible life-threatening situations, he had learnt. The man passed without taking much notice to Jay, and stopped by the tracks a fair distance ahead, staring at his feet.

Jay was confused, but remained cautious as he gingerly stepped forwards. The pace of his heart beat rapidly increased with suspense as he moved forwards, getting closer to the hooded man with every step.

"Troy Wagner?!" The sudden excited shriek pierced the dead silence and made Jay jump slightly. The hooded guy turned around, pulling an ear-bud out of his ear. He was slightly large with glasses -- not the guy Jay should be afraid of. "Can I help you...?" He asked with a raised brow.

"No.. Sorry... Thought you were someone else..." Jay awkwardly stated, watching as he walked off and a young girl in her late teens or perhaps her early 20's came jogging up to him. She was wearing a denim jacket and dark grey skinny jeans. (See here.) A black one-strapped bag sat across her body; the strap sitting on her left shoulder and falling to her right hip.

"Hey!" Her wavy blonde hair fell over her shoulders as she ran to catch up, wearing an expression of pure excitement. "Oh my gosh! Hi-- er-- did I ruin the take or anything...? What is it now, entry 31?"

"Uh, hi, and no you didn't really ruin anything..." Jay stared at the girl he swore he had met before. In truth, she did ruin the take. Not because she was a fan that had caught up to meet him, but because she used his 'real name'; the facade he used to cover the truth -- the twisted truth while he wasn't busy running from a faceless entity. He internally shrugged and figured he'd just cut that scene out.

"Oh, sweet. Well, I was out taking a walk to get out of the house and such and thought I'd come here. I'm Carly, we've met before at GMX." She smiled sweetly, making Jay's heart skip a beat. He grunted softly, nearly inaudibly as he fought off a yawn. "Are... You alright? You know I thought you looked tired and troubled in the entries because of make-up and good acting. But it seems so realistic."

His expression made him look like he was constantly irritated, and quite frankly made Carly feel out of place. He was suddenly distracted by an oncoming coughing fit; he could feel it in his chest and it was inevitable. Forgetting the question, his eyes darted around the place to try locate the tall guy. In the distance behind Carly. It was standing there; watching, waiting. 

"R-run!" He stuttered between coughs, taking off in the opposite direction.

Carly stared with wide eyes and eventually turned around, thinking it was apart of the entry. She let out a terrified scream upon seeing the very thing that made Marble Hornets what it was. The Operator was standing right behind her.

Darkness began to envelop her as she fell to the ground, coughing and wheezing.
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