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TMNT 2012 One-Shots *Requests On Hold*
Story published 10 months ago · updated 5 weeks ago · 34 pages · 5,686 readers · 36,083 reads
I Saw You First (D
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I Saw You First (DonniexReader)

        You lay awake, in your bed, unable to sleep. Your eyes were closed, and you were trying your hardest to sleep, but you were unsuccessful. 
        All of the sudden, you heard a noise coming from the fire escape outside your window. It sounded like... a teenage boy.
         "Dude, we totally kicked butt!"
        "Yeah, we were doing great! Why'd we have to stop knocking heads together?"
        Make that two boys.
        "You know why we had to leave, Raph. We completed our mission. There was no point in staying."
        "It doesn't matter, I can still track them down if we need to."
        Wow! Four boys on your fire escape! Normally, you'd be happy to have someone to talk to, but when you were exhausted in the middle of the night, you weren't in the mood for company. 
        You got up, and felt your way over to your window, found the latch, opened your window, and poked your head out. 
        "Would you boys mind going somewhere else? I'm trying to sleep."
        All you could hear was silence, but you knew they were still there.
        "I'm trying my hardest to be polite, but my patience is wearing thin," you continued. "Are you going, or not?"
        "Why are you not freaking out right now?" asked the second voice you had heard. 
        "I will begin to freak out if you don't get away from my window!"
        "Hang on," said the fourth voice. "I think she's-"
        "Blind. I know." You sighed. "Just because I can't see doesn't mean I can't hear."

        That was a little over three months ago. Since then, you'd formed a bond with all of the turtles: Leo, Raph, Mikey, and especially Donnie, since he was always building things to make your life easier. 
        You hadn't always been blind. It had happened when you were young, but old enough to remember. You had been carpooling with your friend's mother, and was on your way home,  when another car slammed into the side of the car you were sitting on. The doctors said you had experienced severe head trauma. 
        Donnie had also been trying to convince you too let him try and cure your blindness with an operation he would perform, but you refused.
        Sure, you trusted the turtles with your lives, but surgery wasn't something you wanted to do. Other doctors had tried before, and failed. You just didn't want to get your hopes up. 
        "I'm positive I can help you," he would say. 
        "That's exactly what everyone else would say," you would reply.
        Luckily for you, Donnie wasn't giving up easily. He had been experimenting with blind rats he found in the sewers, and had cured three of them  of their blindness. If he could cure a fourth, he was certain you'd allow him to help you. 
        One day, you were sitting on the couch, listening to Mikey's crazy stories, when Donnie came running in from his lab, carrying a confused rat.
        "I'VE DONE IT!" he shouted. "I CAN CURE YOUR BLINDNESS, Y/N!"
        You shook your head. "Donnie, we've been over this. Doctors have tried, and failed."
        "I've cured four rats I found, and I'm positive it'll work again!" Donnie was not giving up. "Please let me try."
        You thought for a while. On one hand, you could get your hopes up, only to have them dashed to pieces, or you could let Donnie try, and see that it would actually work. 
        "I'll have to come up with one heck of a lie to cover up why I can suddenly see," you said. 
        "So it's a yes?" asked Donnie. 
        "Yes!" you said excitedly. 
        "Well, let's get going!" Donnie grabbed your hand and dragged you into his lab. 
        "I can't do this right now!" you said. "Everyone will wonder where I've been for..." You paused. "How long is it?"
        Donnie went into scientist mode. "The actual surgery takes fifteen minutes, but the anesthesia won't wear off for an hour after that."
        "What time is it now?" 
        "A little after two."
        You smiled. "I think I have time for this!"

        Roughly an hour and fifteen minutes later, you began to wake up. You could feel a bandage wrapped around your head and your eyes. 
        "Donnie?" you called. 
        You heard Donnie come in. "Good, you're awake!" he said brightly. "I think the surgery was a success, but there's only one way to find out."
        You mentally prepared yourself for this moment. "I'm ready."
        "Here goes," Donnie said nervously. He began unwrapping the bandage. You squeezed your eyes shut. Once the bandage was off all the way, you opened them. 
        You could see again! You saw Donnie, who was, as he had told you, a mutated turtle. He beamed at you, revealing a gap between his front teeth, which you found cute. 
        Giving Donnie a hug, you whispered "Just between you and me, I'm glad I saw you first," making him smile even more.
        You got off the lab table. "Let's go show everyone else!"