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See You In The Woods. (Slenderman love story)
Story published 10 months ago · updated 10 months ago · 17 pages · 17 readers · 81 reads
The sleepover.
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The sleepover.

My friends Rylie and Tara were having a sleepover with me at Rylie's house. Rylie said "Let's tell scary stories!" I rolled my eyes and said "I'm not easily scared Rylie. I've heard and read any book in the whole world." Rylie said "Have you read the story of Slenderman?" I rolled my eyes and said "LAME." Tara said "Oh shut up Adriana." I thought *Why can't these two stop trying to scare me and shut the crap up.* I said "You can listen to that story. Not me. I'm not scared of anything and the two of you know why." Rylie said "Yes. Adriana we remember if we need you we talk through tele-whatever." I said "I'm glad you remember and it's telepathy." then we heard a tap on the window Rylie and tara immediately went on the bed and went under the blanket screaming I sighed an rolled my eyes and sat on the bed. I opened the curtain and there was a man with no face looking at me with his tentacles out he tried to act scary. I shrugged and walked a little to the window and said "Never wanted to do this." I then turned into (at the top) I then threw invisible spears at him which sent him back to the forest nearby, I turned back to normal, slapped the bed spread and said "You two can come out now. It was easy getting him in the forest anyways." Rylie said "The forest?" Tara said "What did he look like?" I said "He wore a black business suit, has tentacles that come out of his back, no face, paper white skin and is tall." Rylie said dramatically "That means you saw Slenderman!" I replied sarcastically "And that means he saw me in my first of all forms and I hit him with my god damn spears you weirdo." Rylie said "This isn't the time to play around Adriana!" I said sarcastically "It's time for me to punch your punching bag toy to shreads then throw it out the window." Tara said "You will pay for it you know?" I said "Then I'll pay for the electric bill." Rylie said "Seriously Adriana! Slenderman is never done with his victims!" I said "Like how I'm never done with dealing with the both of yalls idiotic games and such." Tara said "Fine don't say we didn't warn you!" I said "And don't say that I'm going to destroy an asteroid that's hurtling towards Earth." Rylie said "Don't worry Tara we can't change her mind." I said "Damn right you are!" then I went to the game room and started playing minecraft and Rylie and Tara soon came out and played too. I said "Besides I have a good slim chance of beating Slenderman because I'm a divergent." Tara said "Still." I rolled my eyes and continued playing then I said "Turn on survival mode Rylie." she did and I was in my castle along with Rylie and Tara. We had a zombie in the castle I got on a tower and shoot it with my bow and we survived then we had to go to bed. I followed Ryli to her room and Tara and Rylie are sleeping on the top along with me but Rylie said "Tara and Adriana you take first watch." then I rolled my eyes and sat down on the bed with Tara then there was a tap on the window like before my eyes glowed silver and whoever was at the door was erased of ever seeing me.