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My Brothers Best Friend. - Marauder Era -
Story published 11 months ago · updated 8 months ago · 159 pages · 4,063 readers · 27,978 reads
Chapter 3; No one
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Chapter 3; No one needs to know.

Phoenix's P.O.V-

   My first week at Hogwarts, was certainly different. Great, but different. I'd recieved three letters from Shona and her gang, telling me how worthless I was and how I should just kill myself. The bullying has been going in for a while now, ever since Toby had started to act like a jerk. Pretty much from the start of the school year. They always seemed to be able to turn it around on me. As if I was the bully and they were the victim. No one knew about this though and its going to stay that way. I won't let Shona get the best of me. Well, I suppose she probably thinks she has. Me being expelled and everything.
  Sirius seemed extremely surprised at how I'd changed over the year he hadn't seen me. Perhaps if you wrote to me a bit more frequently, you'd know why, Sirius. Hogwarts took a while to get used to, but Jessa and my brothers were a big help. I apparently had 'loads' of friends, but I usually went round on my own anyway. Flirting with guys, kissing guys, snogging guys, the usual. Sirius was extremely disappointed in me, when he saw me kissing two different guys today. Obviously, two guys at different times, but just in the same day. I thought this was hypocritical seen as though he snogs, three different girls every hour. Exaggeration, but still!

   "Phoenix, what happened to you? You used to be so sweet and so caring and so cute," Sirius said sitting next to me, we were in a room he called, the 'Room of Requirement'. I scowled, "I guess I changed."
"Phoenix, what happened?" Sirius asked, "It wasn't like you to get expelled! Your a good girl!" Sirius said putting his arm round my shoulder, I shrugged. "I suppose, I just... I don't know, Sirius! Maybe I grew up?" I exclaimed standing up, "Maybe you should try it some time! 'Cause really it does you good," I yelled harshly storming out of the room.
"Phoenix?!" Sirius yelled after me. I don't know why I yelled at him like that, I just did. I ignored his yelling and carried on down the corridor. "Phoe, baby girl," Sirius said softly, coming after me. He calls me baby girl, because when I was born, he always used to call me 'baby girl'. As that was what my parents referred to me as, when my mother was pregnant. So, I guess it just stuck.

   "What?" I asked turning around so fast that Sirius almost walked into me. Sirius wrapped his arms round me,
"Sorry, Phoenix. I know your growing up, but I didn't want it to happen so fast. I mean your my baby sister," Sirius said pulling away, I smiled a little. "Your only a year older than me," I stated, Sirius shrugged.
"So, are you going to tell me why you really got expelled now?" Sirius asked,
"I told you, I just got the blame for something I never did," I lied, I batted my eyelashes looking up at Sirius. "I'm telling the truth, Sirius. I am a good girl, it wasn't my fault," I said sadly, Sirius smiled.
"Of course it wasn't," Sirius grinned, "There's no way you could get expelled, your way to sweet," Sirius said, I nodded.
"I haven't changed that much Sirius, I just grew a little," I giggled, Sirius chuckled and nodded.
"Yeah, but your still small," Sirius said kissing my forehead affectionately.

   "I'm sorry, I shouted at you," I said gently. It works every time! It's so easy to manipulate them! It's not like he actually needs to know why I got expelled. No one needs to know, especially not about Toby and Shona or the bullying. No way. "Don't be, okay?" Sirius said smiling, I smiled and nodded. "Hey, Padfoot! You will not believe what just happened!" James or 'prongs' chortled running towards us. Sirius grinned putting his hands up, and playfully pushing an excited James away. Sirius laughed loudly, "What?" Remus and Peter jogged down the corridor after them. Both of them howling with laughter, I frowned thoughtfully at Remus. "Oh, hey Phoenix," James laughed, I smiled.
"Hi, James," I said, still looking at Remus.
"H-hi," Remus said nervously,
"Do I know you?" I asked slowly. James was telling Sirius what happened through laughing. Sirius barked a laugh,
"Oh, wow," he chuckled, at the prank James was telling him about. Remus just looked at me.

   "What? You still don't know who I am?" Remus asked, I shrugged and shook my head.
"Sorry," I said shrugging a shoulder, Remus sighed. I smirked a little, "Anyway, I'm sure I'll remember you now," I smirked, Remus threw his hands in the air in annoyance. "You said that last time!" Remus exclaimed,
"I don't remember, sorry," I said backing away from the guys. "I'll see you guys later, anyways, bye," I called turning around and skipping down the corridor, my curls bouncing on my back as I went. I glanced over my shoulder to see Remus staring at me, I smirked and sent him a wink. His cheeks turned a light pink, he turned away quickly. He is so cute... 

   Later that evening I was sat in the library, minding my own business and reading. "Hey, Phoenix. Reg's been looking for you," Someone said sliding into the seat next to me. I looked up to see, Evan Rosier. "Oh, hi Evan," I said pretending to be shy. "Is he?" I asked looking into Evan's eyes. He nodded slowly, his eyes glued to mine. "Y-yeah... he-he is," Evan said quietly. I think he meant it to come out a little louder. "Oh...right. Well, if you see him, Evan," I said dragging out his name slightly, "Could you tell him where I am?" I asked, Evan swallowed. I subtly moved closer to him, "Er... he-he um... he isn't l-looking for you anymore I don't think... I think Narcissa told him w-where you were," Evan whispered, I smirked and nodded.
"So, your going to stay here then?" I asked, trailing my fingertips up his arm. His eyes glanced down at my fingertips and back up to my eyes, "Er... yes, if-if you want me to," Evan said, I nodded.
"Okay," I agreed leaning back in my chair, I heard Evan let out a breath of relief. "So, Evan-" I started looking at him through my eyelashes. Evan licked his lips, "Yeah?" He asked, his leg was rocking nervously under the table.
"Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked, batting my eyelashes.

  "No," Evan said quickly, "I mean, er- no, I don't," He corrected, I smiled.
"Why not? A hot guy like you?" I asked placing my hand on his leg. His eyes went to my hand and back up to my eyes again,
"Um... I don't know," Evan said, I moved subtly closer, turning my head so I was looking at him. His eyes met mine, he started to lean in. I smirked and kissed him softly, my eyes fluttered closed. Evan's arms slid round my waist, bringing me closer to him, my arms went round his neck. I felt his tongue graze my bottom lip asking or entrance, I granted it moments later. He's the longest snog I've had at this school, and he was amazing. Though there were no sparks. I doubt 'sparks' even exist anymore! Does Evan think I like him? Probably, I've been flirting with him for what seemed like ages. I doubt I'd ever like a guy again, no one could match up to how perfect Toby was. That was before he broke my heart of course.

   Evan and I slowly pulled away, Evan smirked. "You're an amazing kisser," He murmured, our lips were still hovering each others. I smirked and pulled away leaning back in my chair. "I know," I stated, "Your not bad yourself," I winked, Evan chuckled.
"I just snogged my best friends, sister," He stated a little guiltily.
"Hey, don't worry about it," I smirked, "Regulus, doesn't have to know," I whispered, Evan slowly smirked.

"I guess not," Evan agreed, "And your other brother?" Evan asked a little nervously,
"Don't worry, Evan. Sirius, won't need to know either. I mean, I'm not going to tell him, are you?" I asked, Evan's hand mindlessly rubbed imaginary circles on my thigh. "No way," He agreed, I nodded.
"Good," I said smirking, "Just to clarify, no one needs to know about this," I whispered standing up, Evan smirked.
"Sure, no one will know a thing," Evan said resting his elbows on the table, he laced his fingers together. I smirked, he was definitely the type of guy to have regular snogging sessions with.

   He agreed for no one to know. As did I. So, how in the world did Sirius find out? It's not like he'd ever step foot in a library.

Remus' P.O.V-

   Sirius' sister started Hogwarts last week after being expelled from Salem Academy. Wow, was she confusing. She's hiding something most definitely. I just know. I know what it looks like to be hiding something. And she's hiding something. Phoenix, acts so sweet and innocent in front of her brother, but when they're not looking, she's snogging random guys. But what gets me the most, is that she pretends to not know me! What the hell? 

   Sure she's beautiful, really beautiful. And her eyes are just... they're just perfect, I could stare into them all day. Her hair, is the perfect mixture of brown and auburn and it looks so soft and perfect. The way the curls cascade down to her mid back. Her body, oh my god... wow. Just wow! Oh and her smile, it's just so beautiful. Like her. She seems so sweet at first... but something's hurt her and I want to know what. Sirius is oblivious to it, he knows she's changed, but he doesn't seem to get that there must be a reason why. And he falls for her sweet act every time. I can see why, if you look at her adorable smile, you can't help, but think why someone so sweet would do something wrong! 

   I sighed angrily, sliding the book back onto the shelf in annoyance. I sighed, wondering why she was permanently on my mind. Although, her constant socializing with boys, Phoenix seemed to be emotionally detached. Even if she was good at hiding her emotions, she couldn't fool me. Over the years of having my condition, I like to think that I was an expert at hiding my emotions. It immediately got easier after James, Sirius and Peter found out. It might not sound like it, but it helped greatly having someone there to talk to. I suspect Phoenix never had that. Or something happened that made her like this. I just need to find out what happened. Or I'll let Sirius in on my suspicions, I guess he'll be much better at talking to her than I would.

   I was brought out of my thoughts, by the familiar tinkle of Phoenix's voice. "Oh... right well if you see him, Evan," I heard Phoenix say, dragging out Evan's name. I walked down the isle, listening intently. I hate to admit it, but I intended on spying on her... I know it's bad, and I should respect her privacy, but I guess I didn't. "Could you tell him where I am?" Phoenix asked biting her lip and trailing her fingertips up and down his arm. Merlin, blatantly flirting or what? "Er... he-he um... he isn't l-looking for you anymore I don't think... I think Narcissa told him w-where you were," Evan Rosier a fifth year Slytherin whispered. I don't understand what rose in my chest, but I'm pretty sure it was jealousy. And I don't know why.

   Phoenix smirked, wow was that hot. No, it wasn't... Why am I saying it wasn't? It's not like Sirius can read my thoughts? Right? No way... "So, your going to stay here the, right?" Phoenix asked, moving ever so slightly towards Evan.
"Er... yes, if-if you want me to," Evan stammered, Phoenix smirked and leaned back in her chair.
"Good," She answered, looking up at him through her eyelashes. "So, Evan do you have a girlfriend?"
"No," Evan answered quickly. "I mean- er no I don't." Phoenix bit her lip in response.
"Why not a hot guy like you?" She asked, placing her hand on his leg. Oh, if Sirius could see this! His 'sweet' sister, isn't so sweet after all.
"Um... I don't know." Phoenix moved subtly closer, I leaned forward to get a better view. I was looking through the bookshelves, like a little spy or a stalker... but I'd rather be a spy.

   My mouth dropped open as I watched Evan lean in. Phoenix met him half way, they kissed. Soon enough they were snogging, her arms went round his neck and his round her waist. "Oh... my... god," I whispered to myself, I am so telling Sirius about this!
"Your an amazing kisser," Evan stated pulling away. Ew... just ew.
"I know," Phoenix smirked, "Your not bad yourself." Her smirk widened, Evan placed his hand on her leg massaging imaginary circles on her leg. "I just snogged my best friends sister."

   "Hey, don't worry about it," Phoenix smirked, "Regulus doesn't have to know." Evan slowly smirked at her.
"I guess not," he agreed, "And your other brother?" He asked, Phoenix shrugged.
"Don't worry, Evan. Sirius, won't need to know either. I mean, I'm not going to tell him, are you?" Phoenix asked, Evan shook his head.
"No way," he agreed. I tried not to snigger, well I'm going to tell him. Phoenix smirked and stood up.
"Sure, no one will know a thing," Evan agreed, resting his elbows on the table, lacing his fingers together. I straightened up quickly, I rushed out of the library and down the corridor.

   "Oh, you won't believe what I saw your sister doing!" I said in excitedly as I sat down in our usual area in the common room. Sirius gasped sarcastically, "What?" I grinned excitedly.
"You won't be so sarcastic when you hear this," I stated. "Your sister-" I laughed, "Your sister has just practically seduced Evan Rosier in the library."
Sirius clenched his teeth, "What? Why would you lie about something like that, Moony?" Padfoot demanded.
"I'm not lying! I saw it! She was all over him and then they started snogging! And he promised not to tell you or Regulus. Your sister isn't as sweet as she makes out," I said, James burst into laughter.
"No, she never! Phoenix, seduce a guy. No, way!" Prongs laughed, my mouth dropped open.
"How can you not believe me? I wouldn't lie about this!" I exclaimed, Sirius shook his head.
"Well, I don't believe my baby sister would seduce Evan Rosier!" Sirius exclaimed.
"She did!" I exclaimed, "Go ask her!" 

   Sirius stood up, "Okay, Moony. I will, and she can't lie to her big brother!" Sirius said pulling James up.
"I'm telling you she did," I said, James shushed me as he concentrated on the map.
"Found her," He said jabbing a spot on the first floor. We walked down to the first floor and found Phoenix on her way to the Slytherin common room. "Phoenix, baby girl!" Sirius said going towards her. Phoenix turned around and smiled instantly,
"Hey, Siri!" She exclaimed sweetly, James nudged me in the ribs.
"See, sweet and cute. No way could she seduce Rosier," James whispered, I shook my head in disbelief.
"Moony here, seems to think that you 'seduced' Evan Rosier in the Library and snogged him!" Sirius said making finger gestures around the word seduced. 

   Phoenix's mouth dropped open, "Why would he say that?" She asked, this time my mouth dropped open. She is so manipulative! He can't seriously fall for that! "Why would I do that Siri? I mean he's Reg's best friend," Phoenix stated, Sirius smiled widely.
"See, Moony. I told you, Phoenix wouldn't do that!" Sirius exclaimed, lightly gripped her shoulders, guiding her in front of me so I could see her 'innocent' face. "She's lying! I just saw her!" 
Phoenix frowned, "Remus, you must have saw wrong, because that never happened," Phoenix said gently, like I was making it up. Sirius smiled and wrapped his arm round her shoulders. "See, Remus! You just got it wrong," Sirius said grinning. I huffed angrily,
"I didn't! I know what I saw! And I know what I heard!"
"What's your problem with me, Remus? I don't know what I've done to make you think that about me," Phoenix said sadly. She is such a good actress! It's unbelievable!

   "Oh, don't think that, Pheo. He just made a mistake," Sirius said squeezing her shoulders affectionately. Phoenix nodded slowly,
"Okay..." She agreed, Sirius dropped his arm from her shoulder.
"Okay, baby girl. I'll catch you later," Sirius said, "See you later."
"Bye, Phoenix," James said, Peter smiled nervously.
"Bye guys," Phoenix said smiling. My mouth dropped open, I huffed angrily. Phoenix glared at me, once Sirius, James and Peter were out of ear shot. "What do you think your doing?" Phoenix growled, stepping towards me.
"I saw you!" I said, "You- you snogged him and made him promise not to tell anyone! You're such a liar!" I exclaimed, Phoenix smirked.

   "Now, Remus. It's no use in shouting at me. Unless you want to lose Sirius forever, I doubt you want that," Phoenix said slowly. She's blackmailing me? "I have my own reasons for what I'm doing, Remus. And you don't need to get involved. Just leave Sirius and Regulus out of it, okay?" Phoenix whispered stepping towards me. I swallowed slowly, "Just stay out of it," Phoenix whispered.
"What're you hiding?" I blurted, looking into her eyes. Phoenix bit her lip,
"Nothing... you don't need to know," Phoenix said turning around. "See you later, Lupin." I let out a slow breath.
Wow... she is something. She's such a liar! But, she's playing a game and I don't know why or what game. But she's playing everyone around her. And she's going to hurt someone.

When a girl builds walls around her heart, she secretly wants a guy to care enough to break them down.