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Pimp My Profile!
Story published 10 months ago · updated 9 months ago · 1 page · 1,315 readers · 3,266 reads
Text Boxes, Scroll
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Text Boxes, Scroll Boxes, and Organization!

Hey! Welcome to Pimp My Profile, where profiles are turned from drab to fab!

Our first section is something that a lot of people are usually confused on, but really shouldn't be!

We're talking about Text Boxes, Scroll Boxes, and Organizing your profile!~

These things are extremely easy to use, and require zero codes, and zero of those annoying copy-paste methods.

When you edit your profile, you will see the toolbar. On the toolbar, they provide all sorts of cool stuff that you can use to deck out your profile! Well, if you look next to the red YouTube icon, you will see a light box. That is where you can click, and find your text and scrolling boxes!~

There are different types of these boxes. They have the ones that scroll up and down, and they can be placed on the right side of your screen, left, or the center. 

Now, before you click on your box, make sure you highlight whatever you want to be in the box to go in there. 
So make sure that whatever you want out of the box is put there first and stays unhighlighted!

So I'll show demonstrate with a center scroll text box.


 Up there! ^ See how you can scroll? It's different on your profile, so try it out, and tell me if you like it!
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I hope I helped you. <3