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The World You Cant See
Story published 10 months ago · updated 5 months ago · completed · 99 pages · 453 readers · 2,726 reads
He's back?!
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He's back?!

 He's back!?
"Landon, what are you doing here?" I asked.
"Well. I did want to talk to mom and dad about.. Something but obviously they aren't here yet." He said a little annoyed.
We all sat on the couch sorting the little incident I had just witnessed earlier.
"What something are you talking about?" I asked Landon.
"It's none of your concern. It's something I want to discuss with mom and dad. When do they get home, in a little bit I hope." Landon said, with his eyes closed tightly.
I felt my face get hot and looked down at my intwined fingers," three weeks," I muttered.
"3 weeks?!" He said exasperated. I looked up and saw that his green eyes were wide in disbelief.
I nodded.
"Great," he said sarcastically.
"It's ok honey, we can wait," the woman, cuddling my brothers arm, said.
"Um, who are you by the way?" I said, my brows furrowed.
"Oh I'm Nancy! I'm Landon's fiancé." She said cheerfully with a smile.
Landon stared at her with a stern look, but she just kept smiling.
"Fiancé! You're getting married?" I asked
my brother in disbelief. "Is that what you wanted to tell mom and dad? Are you insane they-" I was cut off by my brother covering my mouth with his hand. He was dragging me away to the kitchen apologizing to Nancy for my rude behavior.
We pushed through the flappy door, Landon let me go, and I gasped for air. He shushed me and told me to be quiet while he shut the shutters that looked into the living room and turned on the fluorescent lights.
"Are you insane Landon! Mom and dad are going to freak; they wanted you to graduate college before you got married or had a baby!" I said my voice hushed.
"I know but I had to!" He said.
"Why?!" I said exasperated.
"She's pregnant. I want to be with her." He said quietly.
"Oh my god!" I said my hands covering my mouth. He was going to be in deep with our parents.
"Don't look at me like that! I don't want your sympathy I know I'm totally screwed with mom and dad. I don't need you to be looking sorry for me!" Landon whispered hush-idly with his face close to me.
"You're not really my sister anyways," he said venomously.
"Yes I am Landon!" I said frustrated.
Landon pushed me into a wall and pinned my hands to my sides, painfully hard.
"You. Are. Not. My. Sister! You're just some monster that took the place of my real sister after she was born." Landon said through gritted teeth.
"Landon?" I asked terrified. I felt my body weaken and the room around me began to spin. I coughed violently in his face, and he let go, letting me drop to my knees.
He wiped his face and muttered, "and you're defected too." Then he went through the kitchen door leaving me there to cry. This isn't the first time he's said that but each time it cuts deeper into my heart.  He had told me I wasn't his sister too when before he left for college:
"You're not my sister Alice! You're a monster and I'm glad I won't have to see your face anymore."
I had holed up in my room all day refusing to see my brother go off for college. I hated him. 
I sat up and crawled into the darkest corner I could find, in the kitchen. I cried more my heart aching for my brother to love me as his sister.
"Why?!" I cried then drifted to sleep.
I came to with a wet cloth on my forehead. I sat up in my bed.
How did I get here? I thought.
"Oh you came too." A cheerful voice said at the door: Nancy.
"Are you alright Alice?" She said her voice laced with concern as she walked over to me closing the door softly behind her.
"Ya, but how did I get here?" I asked.
"Oh I found you huddled in a corner in the kitchen and made Landon carry you up to your room." She said taking the cold cloth on my forehead and placing her cool hand on my forehead instead.
"Thank you," I said.
"You should get some more sleep. You still have a fever." She put the cloth back and I felt myself drifting off into sleep. The door opened and I heard her leave downstairs. My eyelids closed.
I was dreaming...I was at the oak tree, where I had my last dream, again. The breeze blew in my face as I waited anxiously for something.
"Where is he?" I muttered aloud.
I was siting on a picnic blanket under the shade of the huge oak tree. There were sandwiches on a plate in the middle of the floral blanket and there were two plates stacked beside them along with two cups.
"Um.." A voice said behind me.
I turned excitedly with a big smile plastered on my face but it dropped. Instead of the boy from my other dream, with the dark brown hair and blue eyes, there stood a charcoal blonde hair boy with gray eyes. He had a similar face to the other boy though.
"Who are you?" I asked.
He opened his mouth to say something but no sound came out.
I woke up suddenly to my curtains flying wildly with the wind. I lifted myself off of my bed and staggered to my open window. I looked out the window and saw a guy leaning against a lamp post, the yellow light shining on his blonde hair. He was looking at me and was smirking. Then he turned around, walked a couple steps, and was engulfed by the dark.
Who was that? I thought..

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