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The World You Cant See
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What Are You?
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What Are You?

I stayed wide awake after I had seen that guy staring at me from the street. He had a striking resemblance to the new boy in my dream too but I would need to see him up close to make sure.
I got of bed, peeled off the sweaty outfit I had worn yesterday, and jumped into the shower. As i washed i noticed i had bruises on my wrists from Landon. After I finished getting dressed I went downstairs and into the kitchen where Nancy was making eggs.
"Oh hey Alice, you feeling better?" She asked then looked over to me. "Are you sure you can go to school?"
"I'm fine don't worry. i get sick more often than others but its not that big of a deal." I explained bluntly.
"Ok then, would you like some eggs?" She asked.
"No thanks," I wrinkled my nose in distaste and busied myself by making oatmeal, sprinkled with fresh raspberries.
I sat in silence watching Nancy cook; the eggs popped and sizzled in the pans oil.
"Hey, Nancy thanks for taking care of me yesterday." I said quietly. "I wish you were my sister instead of Landon being my brother," I muttered.
"Why?!" She asked.
"It's kind of complicated but he doesn't really seem to like me very much ever since we were little too. He would bully me." I whispered.
Nancy was looking at me with concern, and I  felt uncomfortable that I had shared such thoughts to someone.
"Well when Landon and I get married I will be you sister... In law!" She said slowly.
I smiled and went to give her a big hug.
When I got to my seat in first period, I nervously pulled down the sleeves of my sweater more to make sure no one would see my bruises. Zaydon walked in, his face unreadable, and took his seat at our table. I didn't look at him and instead busied myself by playing with the hem of my shirt.
"Hey can I talk to you after school," Zaydon asked.
I looked up at him but his face was still expressionless. "Sure," I said.
He smiled then and talked cheerfully about random topics. We laughed so hard and my chest felt all warm.
After school Zaydon took me to the parking lot to his car, so we could talk.
"Alice, I need to tell you something important.." He trailed off and was staring angrily at my hands, no my wrists.
I hastily tried to cover up the bruises on my wrists with the sleeves of my sweater but Zaydon  pulled them back quickly. He grabbed my forearm and lifted my wrists up to see better. He traced a finger gently along the bruises and I shivered.
"Who did this to you?" His voice was ice cold.
"I did," I said quickly trying to pull my arm back but he wouldn't let go. He didn't grip so hard that it hurt but just enough to make sure I wouldn't be able to slip away.
"Who did this to you?" He asked again.
"My brother did," I said, and hung my head down defeated.
"Come on," Zaydon said
"What, where Are we going," I asked.
"To your house," he said already in the car.
I jumped in and we drove to my house in silence. Zaydons knuckles were white from gripping onto the steering wheel so tightly.
He really cares about me, doesn't he? I thought.
"Hey Alice, I'm sorry I kinda snapped at you, I just freaked out when I saw those bruises on you." He said and gently placed his big warm hand over mine.
I felt his anger and worry from the touch of his hand.
What's happening I thought.
I stared at our hands, silently until we got to my house and he let go. The feeling of anger and worry were gone.
I let Zaydon and myself in and saw Landon about to go into the kitchen but he stopped and was looking at us.
"Who's that?" Landon said.
"Are you Alice's brother?" Zaydon said quickly, walking slowly towards him.
"Ya," Landon said looking unfazed by zaydons approach.
Zaydon swiftly punched Landon in the stomach. Landon doubled over and cursed at him under his breath.
"What the hell?!" Landon yelled.
"Don't ever touch Alice ever again!" Zaydon yelled back. He was tense all over.
"Zaydon?" I asked tentatively.
"I'm sorry," he said. He swiftly walked through the door and closed it with a bang.
When Nancy came home Landon announced that he and Nancy will be going out for the evening. They left at five and had said they would be back at 11. We didn't tell Nancy about the whole incident with Zaydon because we didn't really feel like talking about it to her.
I sat on the couch with freshly made popcorn and an ice cold Pepsi watching Disney movies. Around nine, I started to drift off to sleep when I heard a loud crash from upstairs. I jumped off the couch the room spinning a little bit and my heart was beating out of chest. I listened carefully and heard muffled voices. I turned off the tv and ran to a closet where my dad stored some knives and daggers in a safe.
I quietly opened the door, stepped inside, and shut the door with the faint sound of a click. I heard rustling and the opening and closing of doors upstairs. I put in the safes combo with shaky hands. Then I grabbed a belt, used for carrying knives and daggers, and clipped it around my waist. I stuffed as many daggers and knives as I could into the belts slots. I heard footsteps going down the stairs and I gripped a single knife ready to strike at any moment.
"Are you sure she's here, boss?" A guy with a low gruff voice said.
"She's here, the lights are on and everything." Another voice said. "Just go check the closet over there."
"Ok boss," the first guy said.
I heard him walk, with heavy steps, towards me and then they stopped and a dark shadow loomed in front of the closet door. The doorknob turned softly, I held my breath, and the door swung open.
"There you are, girlie!" A large man with broad shoulders said gruffly.
He went to grab me but I slashed his arm with my knife then struck it into his stomach. He doubled over and I slipped past him. I ran to the door, hastily opening the lock, and swung it open. Standing at the door was a guy with charcoal blonde hair swept to the side and eyes the color of steel.  His eyes were glossed over like something was trying to be hidden.
Is this the other boy from my dreams?!
"You didn't think you were getting away that easily did you, sweetheart?" He said with a sly grin.
I slammed the door in his face and locked the door. I turned around and pressed my back onto the door. The big guy had regained his composure and was barreling towards me, eyes angry and teeth baring.
"You little brat you're going to pay for this!" He boomed.
I snatched a dagger from my belt and flung; it spun and spun until it met its target. The big man fell with a thump, blood squirted out of his neck where the dagger stuck.
"Wow, darling, I didn't know you could do that!" The charcoal blonde guy said. He stalked toward me with a devilish glint in his grin.
"Stay away from m-me!" I stuttered.
I drew a dagger from my belt and flung instinctively. It twirled then stopped right in front of his face and dropped with a clang.
"H-How?" I stuttered. He was still advancing.
I flung daggers at him but all of them would stop and drop to the floor.
"Why?" I asked. "What are you?" I gasped and was trying to unlock the door behind me. I felt strong hands turn me around and  he gripped my wrists. I winced with pain from my previous injuries and I saw that something cleared the gloss from his grey eyes. He stared at me, conflicted.
"Carolina?" He whispered, his hot breath hitting my lips. Who's that I thought.
His eyes glossed over again and he griped my wrists tighter. I cried out in pain but was silenced when he slammed his mouth against mine. When he reeled away, I was breathing hard.
"What are you?" I asked again.
"Just what you are, sweetheart," he sneered into my ear.
"And just what am I then?" I asked a cold shiver went down my spine.
"I am not the one who is to answer your questions, you'll just have to ask the Queen." He whispered.
He picked me up and wrapped my arms around his neck along with my legs around his waist.
"Hold on tight, sweetheart," he said.

(PS: picture is Calix)

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