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Red Moon Q&A-200 Followers Celebration! [CLOSED]
Story published 8 months ago · updated 8 months ago · 1 page · 133 readers · 186 reads
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Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for you follows, support and love toward my Red Moon and the boys! I love you all! You can ask the boys whatever you want to know, but if the answer might contain some spoilers I won't post their answers, so then just ask something else. :)
Have fun!
P.S. I might not get to the questions right away, because I'm a little busy, but I will look at them and ask the guys when I'll get time. ^_^

-Can you make more WWFFS? :3
ToTo: Yes I can :D but I won't until I get RM Valentine's Special closed. Sorry :/

-Who would look the best in drag?
ToTo: Les :P
Jake: Les XD
Sai: ...Les -_-
Les: ...F*ck you...(to ToTo and the guys)

-If the boys could turn into any animal what would they chose?
Jake: A wolf! or maybe a tiger!
Sai: Hmmmm, an owl.
Les: ...a snake.

-Do you guys know my secret?
Jake: Yes! You are a MAN! Buaahahaha! Nah just kidding, no I don't know your secret, what is it?
ToTo: I asked her she won't tell me...
Sai: *shakes head at ToTo and Jake* If we knew your secret it wouldn't be a secret. :)

-Les why do you seem so cold? Because I think you could actually be really sweet if you opened up a bit.
Les: ...
ToTo: You might find out sooner than you think. ;)
Les: ...
ToTo: Wouldn't you tell? o_O
Les: ...I don't like people...
ToTo: ...that's not what I was talking about...
Les: *gives ToTo a dangerous glare*
ToTo: ...

-Sai, did you know you're like a big teddy bear? Oh yah, I never got to thank you for the tea and cake... ♥
Sai: Hahah, am I really? No, I didn't realized, but thanks. Oh and no problems, always glad to help. :)

-Oooo! You guys, tell me your favorite bands/songs/genres of music? (This is wild guess, but Les, do you like classical? )
Jake: Disturbed, the band's amazing. Skillet's pretty cool too. Pretty much metal or hard rock.
Sai: Hm, I don't really have a one, I really like different things.
Les: Yes...

-Les.... um.... would you be willing to go on a re-date with me? (Ugh... that sounded weird... O///O)
ToTo: Nope, I won't force him again >.< maybe on another special :)