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E v e r y t h i n g O n e S h o t s*
Eridan Ampora-Home
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Eridan Ampora-Homestuck

Eridan Ampora-Homestuck
Eridan's p.o.v. 
Please imagine everyone with their usual quirks.

I watched as (Y/N) dipped her hand in the water, "It feels different than Earth's."
She was a human, and through an accidental glitch, she ended up in Alternia. She was a player of the game, and to me, absolutely flawless.

I sat beside her and stared up at the sky, "Why are you so sad, Eridan?" I was surprised at her question, but I rested a hand on her head, "Love is weird." (Y/N) frowned and embraced me, "Cheer up! Feferi's missing out."
I blushed slightly and held her, "Well.... thanks." (Y/N) giggled slightly, "You talk so weird."

I nodded, "Yeah, I guess we are all a bit weird." (Y/N) pulled away and moved a small strand of hair hanging over my forehead, "Especially Sollux. He flirts with me so much."
I clenched my fists.

Sol had taken a liking to (Y/N) as well. And when he found out I also had feelings for her, he begun to think of it as a competition, even though he already took Fef from me.
"Sol is a glubbing idiot. Please ignore him." I answered bluntly and (Y/N) smiled, "Haha, Mr.Ampora? Are you, by any chance... Jealous?" I blushed furiously, "Well... So what if I am?"

(Y/N) blushed too, "W-What?" I moved my scarf to hide my flushed cheeks, "See? I'm not the only one who talks weird."
(Y/N) laughed and I felt happy for some reason. (Y/N) covered her arms and rubbed them. "Are you cold?" I asked her.

She blinked and shrugged, "Only a little-" I removed my scarf immediately and moved infront of her, wrapping the scarf around her neck. She smiled at me and I kissed her nose, "I love you, okay? Remember that."
Her smile brightened, "Okay, Mr. Ampora!"


When we were all in headquarters, I noticed Sol and Fef on the horn pile. Sitting near them was (Y/N) who was busy on her laptop, wearing my scarf as usual.

Sol noticed me and smirked, then he leaned down to (Y/N) and even though I couldn't hear, I knew he was flirting by Fef's sad expression.
That glubbing asshole.

I marched over and sat next to (Y/N), and when I opened my mouth to say something to Sol, (Y/N) clutched onto my arm and whispered, "Predict how this will end."
I imagine it would end like last time, Sol and I would duel or something.

I closed my mouth and instead only glared at Sol. Then, I told (Y/N) my idea, well aware Sol and Fef were listening, "I want you to join Bec Noir with me." (Y/N)'s eyes widened and Fef gasped, "Eridan?! Are you glubbing insane? You're the prince of hope!"
I nodded at her, "I know when all hope is lost-" Sol was next to interrupt my plan with his stupid lisp, "What makes you think that Bec Noir will just accept you? He'll kill you on instinct and you'll put (Y/N) in danger too."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah thanks, smartass. I obviously have a plan." (Y/N) tugged on my arm again, "Eri-"
"I bet your plan is shit. I won't let you send (Y/N) off to her death." Sol stood up and I followed.
(Y/N) said my name strictly and I only patted her head.

Then Fef and her stood up as well, protesting loudly. I got my wand and Sol removed his glasses, then we began.
He was powerful, but no different from last time. He realized my power gained and tried to increase his power, only resulting in me doing the same.

With one last powerful shot, I slammed him against the wall, knocking him out. Fef screamed and ran over to his body. I was still in shock, unsure if I killed him.
I looked to (Y/N), who stood there with her mouth hanging open and her hands moved to the scarf I had given her.

I looked back when Fef grew angry, declaring I killed him. She readied her trident and when she started running at me, I was put on the spot. Without considering it further, my magic pierced her torso. (Y/N) froze and so did I at first.
She ran to Fef and I turned around to Kan next. I broke her way of transportation and pierced her torso as I did with Fef.

I looked back at (Y/N) who was hovering over her best friend's dead body. She looked to me through her teary eyes and I tried to say something, but I wasn't sure what to say.
(Y/N) turned away from me and my heart sunk, "(Y/N)..." She didn't even budge. I stood straight and turned towards the transporter, "I love you, okay?"

There was only a sniff in response, and with that, I left her and Kar.


Kan rushed towards me, I was too stunned to react when she snapped my wand in half. I heard (Y/N) nearby, shouting at Kan to stop. But when Kan equipped her chainsaw, I knew it was the end.
Pain rippled through my torso, hearing (Y/N)'s screams. My body fell to the ground and for the next few seconds I would be alive, I was happy (Y/N) was there.

Her tears streamed down her face, "Eridan!" She sobbed into my chest, "I-I love you, okay?"
I wasn't able to respond before I closed my eyes, drifting away from the world and (Y/N).


Your pov!

When he closed his eyes, my heart stopped and I looked at Kanaya, who applied her lipstick and kneeled down beside me, "I apologize (Y/N). It was very difficult to do that with you there."
I refused to look at her and closed my eyes, moving Eridan's scarf to hide my face. Kanaya rested a hand on my shoulder, "Who knows who else he would have killed, (Y/N)?"

My memory faded back to when Eridan killed Feferi. Yes, I should be mad at Eridan, I know. But when you're in love, it's hard. I know Kanaya's right though. Deep down.
I moved to Kanaya's shoulder and sobbed heavily into it. She soothed me in a motherly way and her other arm wrapped around my torso. Love really is weird.

Sorry about the crappy ending. I wanted to say the reason why I never had Eridan smile was because Eridan's never smiled in Homestuck. No joke, you never see it. So, when I see fanart and fanfictions with him smiling, it's just not realistic. That's the reason I didn't add that.
He wants to say
"I love you"
But keeps it to
Because love involves
Some falling
And she's afraid of heights.

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