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Heart's Desire
Story published 10 months ago · updated 5 months ago · 3 pages · 1,270 readers · 2,634 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

Naruto's blue eyes drifted around the dull classroom. Kakashi Sensei's lessons were always boring, not even that but he gives out homework every night. He tapped his pencil on his desk, wanting class to be over. But then his eyes drifted to the girl in the front corner of the classroom. [ Name ] [ Last name]

Naruto blushed at the sight of her. He alway's wanted to talk to her, get to know [ Name ] , but he always got nervous around her. It was funny, Naruto Uzumaki was the most popular guy in school, next to Sasuke Uchiha. But most female population in the school fell in love, and obsessed with the raven-haired boy.

[ Name ] was sitting quietly at her desk, paying attention to the lesson being taught. Straight A's, goody toe shoes kind of girl.  She was very reserved, kept to herself. Her only friend she seemed to talk to is the lavender beauty, Hinata Hyuuga. They both fit well together as friends because their personality's were similar.

[ Name ] always liked keeping to herself. She had [e/c] orbs, and [h/c] hair that was always so beautiful. All the boy's thought she was absoulutely gorgeous, but Naruto always thought that of her. He has liked her since grade's school. It was senior year. 

After what seemed like forever, the bell rang. Half the student's rang out, since it was lunch. Naruto watched [ Name ] stand up and fix her skirt before picking up her things. Naruto was about to say something to her, but she left before he could. He sighed. A hand was on his shoulder and he turned around to see the familiar raven hair.

'' Sasuke.'' Naruto said, giving him a small smile. Sasuke shook his head in disapproval. '' You're never going to talk to her if you keep backing out, dope.'' Sad thing was, Sasuke was right. Naruto just had to talk to [ Name ] or he would spend a lifetime moping around. Naruto grabbed his back and threw it over his shoulder.

'' She's your cousin,'' Naruto complained. '' Can you at least talk to her for me?''

Sasuke laughed. '' So? Be a man and talk to her first.''

'' But I helped you with Sakura!''

'' I didn't need your help.'' Sasuke said glaring at the blonde. '' You just told her that I liked her, she liked me anyway.'' He shrugged. Naruto rolled his eyes.

'' Maybe I could get Hinata-'' That's when a hand slapped him in the back of the head. Sasuke's hand to be specific.

'' OW! What the hell Sasuke?'' Naruto yelled, rubbing the back of his head.

'' Let's go dope.'' Sasuke said before leaving the classroom. Naruto made it a goal to talk to you, no matter what it costs.

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