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Seven minutes in heaven
Story published 10 months ago · 5 pages · 206 readers · 524 reads
BEN Drowned (The D
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BEN Drowned (The DS)

You feel something smooth, with buttons. You Pull it out to see that it was a small DS. It was Green with yellow buttons and it had the Triforce on the back of it. You looked happily at it as I looked around. "BEN!" I yelled as i walked over to the tv. Ben was playing Ocerina of Time, He was finding all the secrets to the game very easily. "BEN!" I yelled grabbing his arm. "Its your turn!" I told him pulling him over to you. He looked at me angry then looked at you in a slight shock. I pushed you both into the closet and Yelled "Have Fun!" then walked away.

You could just barly see Ben in the darkness. It was very quiet for the first minute or so. "soooo.... what do you like to do?" You asked not knowing what else to say. "I-I like to play video games" Ben replyed and you could tell he took a step closer to you. His hand rubbed against yours making you blush slightly. You pulled your hand away unsurely. "so, should we-" Before you could finish what you were gonna say his lips hit yours. They were soft and he was very gentle, he pulled away quickly. "s-sorry" He said as you looked at him in shock.

You softly grabed his hand and smiled. "Its fine..." You said kissing his cheek in return to the kiss. By now your eyes were pretty use to the darkness, and you could see Ben blushing. He leaned over and kissed you once more, this time you kissed back.The kiss deepened and when you too pulled back I opened the door. "Have fun?" I look at you two smiling see you both blushing brightly.
You and Ben walked out of the closet holding hands and walking side by side. He took you over to the tv, where you two played video games together and cuddled till he took you up to his room later that night.
The rest is up to you!
Who do you want to see next?