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Forgive and Forget *Niall Horan love story*
Story published 10 months ago · updated 10 months ago · 2 pages · 25 readers · 40 reads
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Hi, I'm Karmin Elizabeth Grace Watson. I know, I have a really long name it's pretty simple. Karmin is my first name, Elizabeth Grace is my two middle names leaving Watson as my last name. See, simple. Now, if you look a little to the right you'll see a picture of me. Nothing special, I'm 5'7 which is good for a 15 almost 16 year old. I also like my body shape, I tried hard all summer to get my body the way it is. Not big but not toooo skinny either!

Now, I shall tell you about my self.. As of right now I'm 15, I'm turning 16 in two weeks. April 27th actually. I live in a small town in California, USA. My town is right out side the streets of L.A. so I kinda live in the city, half country. I live with my mom, dad, and little brother Mason. Which is weird because there's this boy at my school named Mason and I really reallyyy like him. But we're super close friends so I don't want to ruin our relationship. I think I told you enough. Let's move on to the story!

Haaii guise, this is just an introduction where Karmin is telling you about herself. But, as soon as we get to Chapter 1   things will be heating up pretty, pretty fast! So, you should still keep reading! Please comment, fav, and follow! The first 3 to comment and or like will be in the next few chapters as: 1.)Masons crush (boy Karmin likes.) 2.)Snobby, beautiful, flawless mean girl. (Every book needs a mean girl, right?) 3.)Karmins best friend. SO HURRY UP AND COMMENT! Karmin needs a best friend just comment below what number you want to be and if you're the first to pick it you'll be in the story! SO HURRY! Also, follow me on Twittaa, Instagram. And Snapchat me too!

Love you all!
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Only half a blue sky, kinda there but not quite. Walkin 'round with just one shoe, I'm half a heart without you..