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Draco Malfoy's Twin Sister (Fred Weasley Love Story) (Dr
Story published 9 months ago · updated 8 months ago · 2 pages · 86 readers · 111 reads
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Anastasia POV

"ANA DRACO WAKE UP!!!" I heard Mother's voice boom through the house her voice was cheerful I felt the warm arms leave my waist and Draco groan but stood up I did the same and we walked to see Dad with a happy face and Mom holding two letters I looked at Draco as he looked at me in the same way we were both confused Mom saw our faces and laughed a little "You guys got accepted in Hogwarts!" Mom yelled me and Draco looked at each other shocked but them smiles broke up on our faces as we hugged eachother and let go as Dad picked me up and kissed my cheek and he patted Draco on the back as he smiled proudly at us Mom hugged us and kissed us both on the cheek we both groaned and swiped off out cheeks at the same time as Dad chuckled and Mom giggled a little

Dad then looked at us sternly and looked down at us "Now remember my children never and I mean never fall in love.." He said we both looked at each other and nodded "Love is weak If you ever fall in love I will have to kill him or her because love makes you weak." He continued I smiled at him but felt this weird feeling in my stomach and nodded "Yes Father." Me and Draco said at the same time he turned around to leave but I got this idea "Daddy!" I yelled he turned around I smirked "What if we made Harry Potter fall in love with one of us and make him weak...and of course one of the weasley twins for me!" I said Father looked like he was thinking hard 

"You are right Snow. I am telling Lord Voldemort you my child will make a great Death Eater with your great plans."He said I nodded as Draco nodded with me we were both wearing those smirks that run in the family "But darling you mean Potter fall in love with Draco?" He asked confused I nodded "Yes Father you could so tell Potter is gay.." I said Draco nodded "And your okay with this Draco?" He asked Draco nodded "Anything my sister says I'm fine with it cause all her ideas are great.." He said as he smiled at me I smiled at him too Father nodded "Snow come on my child were going with Lord Voldemort." He said as he held out his hand for me "Can Draco come with us Father?"I asked he nodded I smiled as I grabbed his hand as Draco followed behind me 

All of a sudden we appeared in a room Lord Voldemort was standing in the middle his snake was next to him Father let go of my hand "Lord Voldemort?"He asked a he bowed a little I did a little too "Yes?"Voldemort asked as he turned to us I touched the snakes head as it looked at me I felt like I knew what it was saying to me but I looked up again as I heard my father telling Lord Voldemort about my plan he smiled which looked kinda creepy "Well she's to young to be a death eater but when she gets to 6th year she will become a death eater."Was his response to Father who nodded looking proud Lord Voldemort came closer to me 

"I see you can understand snake's I sense a lot of power in you child.Do you like snakes?"He asked me I nodded he smiled and all of a sudden a rattle snake appeared in around my neck it looked at me in the eyes Hi I heard a voice say my eyes opened wide but I calmed down and said "Hi."and smiled The rattle snake looked like it was smiling I looked up to Lord Voldemort "Thanks you."I said and bowed a little and walked back to Draco as he looked at the snake astonished I smiled at him...........