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The Legend of Arendelle ~Frozen
Story published 9 months ago · updated 7 months ago · 27 pages · 2,781 readers · 14,705 reads
My Name is Phoenix
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My Name is Phoenix

*Flora's P.O.V*

I turned my head as someone banged at my bedrooms door. 
"What?" I asked annoyed.
"I'm so sorry to wake you miss but today is the festival!" I heard someone call from behind the door.
"Festival! Oh yeah festival Five more minutes" I groaned as I collapsed back onto my pillow. I has a wonderful dream about me and my sisters laughing in a tree house we built while Olaf was singing a song about summer. Suddenly a big bang came from the entrance of my room and I heard squealing.

"FLORA!!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP! ITS THE FESTIVAL! COME ON YOU LAZY CAT! WAKE UP!" Anna screamed practically in my ear. Since the many years that passed from the incident of me and Elsa giving her a white and green streak in her hair she never changed.
"OH MY GOD ANNA!" I shouted sitting up and pushing her off me. "I'm not deaf!" I shouted getting up.
"Yea I know OH MY GOD" Anna screamed.

"Will you shut up about you'r OH MY GOD'S and tell me the exciting news?!" I asked putting on my robe.
"Well, people are gathering and all! And the girl Phoenix who needs a place to stay is arriving! Isn't it wonderful we can give her a room here! Oh and this Jack Frost with Bunny and Rapunzel are coming too!" Anna screeched. I splashed my face with water and wiped it with a towel.

"And the OH MY GOD thing about that is?" Flora asked. 
"THERE'S GOING TO BE PEOPLE!" Anna shouted. I rolled my eyes and walked into the my changing room taking my green dress with the cape and putting it on. Anna smiled and jumped around my room while I put my tiara on when my hair was done in a bun.

"I can't wait I can't wait I CAN'T WAIT!" Anna said.
"Anna, please just go down to breakfast I'll be down in a few minutes" I said as I put on my necklace. Anna nodded and ran out of my bedroom. I saw the door open and Elsa walked in.
"Was she like this to you too when you woke up?" I asked her and she was giggling.
"When I woke up or when she screamed in my ear OH MY GOD?" Elsa asked. I smiled and we both exited my room for breakfast.


Anna couldn't seem to keep still in one point. She was running from me to Elsa asking what we were doing when we clearly were decorating the kingdom with out powers. I had flowers bloom everywhere and trees form around the square just outside the gates while Elsa had it snowing at the entrance and ice on the very floor for a special zone. When I was finally finished I joined my sisters in front of the gates that were closed.
"Alright I'm ready" I nodded. Elsa looked at Anna.

"Oh yeah I'm ready! I was born ready!" she said. I giggled as she looked to the gates. Elsa nodded up to the guards and the gates slowly started to open. People piled in after greeting us and started to walk around the square and eating the food provided. It took 2 months to get this festival ready in the honor of our still living kingdom Arendelle. Anna was already away dancing with Kristoff and laughing with the new people when I girl walked up to me and Elsa. She smiled up at us and said in a very distant accent.

"Hello my queens!" she said. She looked like she was somewhere from China. She had black hair and a fire colored dress similar one to ours.
"Hello and your name is?" I asked.
"My name is Phoenix" the girl said.

"My that is a very nice name" Elsa nodded smiling. 
"So you must be the girl who's looking for a place to stay in? Well our kingdom is open you may pick any unoccupied room there" I smiled and she nodded and gave a respectful bow.
"Thank you Ma'am" she smiled.

"Please call me Flora!" I said taking a bight of the chocolate sweet I was eating. It was always me and my sisters favorite thing to eat. Phoenix nodded bowed and went of the full of life festival. I watched the strange girl go. Just before she disappeared into the crowd she turned her head and looked at me in a suspicious way. I shook my head and looked back to the festival. Elsa was already towards the skating area. I smiled and sat down on a chair watching.


OMG it's short I know. But don't blame me I was out of ideas >,< ANYWAY so what do you think of the new girl and this chapter? Post what you think will happen later on in the story in the comments! I'd love to see and who will get it right anyway THANK YOU FOR READING ~ Kitty