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Childish [Shang-Chi x Reader]

Decade long friends Shaun and (Y/n) are suddenly whisked away on an adventure by the ghosts of Shaun's mysterious past. What could go wrong?

What Happens in Carmody [Gilbert Blythe]

(AWAE Gilbert Blythe! x Fem! POC! Reader) He wasn't out of the ordinary. He wasn't attention calling. He was just a boy, but she still noticed him. She noticed him and knew right away that she had to meet him. "I'll get you one day, Gilbert Blythe."

A Love Worthy of Rings [Xu Wenwu x Reader]

In which the powerful and immortal war-lord, Xu Wenwu, falls for the weak and stubborn (Y/n). Still a better love story than 'Twilight'. *also on wattpad*

Who is Your Jojo's Boyfriend? (Parts 1 - 5)

Find out who your boyfriend would be from jojo's Bizarre Adventure! Would you end up with a Jojo, a JoBro, or even a Villain? Pick the questions that are similar to your beliefs, personality, and traits, and find out! (SPOILERS IN RESULT DESCRIPTION)
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