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What's your patronus?

Do you ever wonder what it is..... then take the quiz

Can you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Take the quiz and find out

Whats your hogwarts house?

Take the quiz to find out. P.s. pics aren't mine.

A meme a day

Hello people! This is a story full of LOTR, Star Wars, Harry Potter, hunger games, and much more memes! Enjoy!

KOTLC Ability Detecting!

Find out your KOTLC ability as an elf! Comment your ability. Please like the quiz, I spent a lot of time on this because there are 22 abilities so that would be appreciat...

What's your Draco Malfoy love story?

This is kinda like a life quiz only all the results are Draco Malfoy love stories. Incredibly long results, took forever to make. Girls only.