Kingston Bradley

Your Torsonia Academy Of Wizardry House quiz

Torsonia is a magical school that I have created. There are four houses just like in Harry Potter. There's Colerow, Timberford, Knightcolt, and Empsai. You get sorted by your personality by a sorting chipmunk. This is also my first quiz so sorry if nothing make sense. Enjoy my quiz :)

What is your Path at Solaris, Academy of Sorcery

Paths are extra classes third years and higher can take at Solaris, Academy of Sorcery. The classes allow you to learn more about how the job works. A student does not need to follow the path fully after graduation. If they want to be something other than the path they choose, they can change it.

Solaris, Academy of Sorcery

Solaris is a roleplay discord server I started. I made this quiz to help people make their own characters and even for you to just take for fun. There will be another quiz for this universe. This quiz is for anyone and everyone. Hope you enjoyed :)

Who is your Celestial Parent?

This is kind of like Percy Jackson, in that the parents are celestial beings and kids have powers like them. This is from a story I am writing. I added non-binary parents because there is not a lot of anything with non-binary parents. This is for any and every gender.
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Cast a Wish Spell (Grey Magic)

Make a wish and see *how* it comes true - no if, it will! Companion quiz to my love spell and white magic quizzes, this time we're getting a little selfish and wishin...

Which Kingdom Would You Rule?

created some fantasy/aesthetic kingdoms for this quiz... not from anything in particular, but if you ever wondered where you would come from in a fantasy world, take this...

Wysterian Academy Sorting Ceremony

The sorting ceremony of the Wysterian Academy of Magic!! Please go check out the group on ѕнιяαуυкι's profile if you wish to join!!

What power do you channel?

Everybody has an innate power within them waiting to be unlocked, talk this quiz to discover yours!
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