Embrace what you keep in the shadows for those are the greatest part of you!
YO! I'm ShadowRyder. Normal(ish) person by day and crazy nerd 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I draw, read, write, watch anime, and a bunch of other stuff that's not relevant to you (or any one tbh, I'm weird and take pride in it). 
So yeah,, my profile is just a compilation of random stuff I like. Hopefully you like some of it too! 

...Do people actually read this??? XD

BTW (If people do read this) I have an art account on Instagram! If you guys like that stuff, go check me out @shadowryder_graphics on Instagram!

Which ATEEZ Member would you be?

Just like the title says: Find out who you would be if you were an Ateez member

Name the Idol by his predebut/debut photo

Just like the title says. Can you identify your favorite male idols by their 'baby' photos? Also, we got fun memes for every result 'cause we can!

Save one Drop one Rappers or Vocalists (Male Idols)

Save one Drop one rappers and vocalists! Just male groups, 'cause I don't know the girl groups very well! Are you rapper biased or vocalist biased?

Save one Drop One: (HYBE and JYP male idols)

Are you JYP biased, or HYBE Biased? Save one Drop one male idol edition.
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Forgotten Daughter of The Devil: Book 2

Book 2 of the Forgotten Daughter of The Devil Series. Title Unknown. Styxx finally has control over her abilities, and she has been officially claimed as one of Hades'...

Her Name Is Styxx

Book 1 of series: Forgotten Daughter of The Devil Created of the fog surrounding the River Styx, another child of The Devil is born. Named after the River in which she wa...
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