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Transformers Story ~Autobot Killer

An Autobot had been brainwashed and thought she is a Decepticon, but just a second before she is going to kill her leader, Optimus prime, Trinity Sky arrived. She his Elita's Best friend, who is a human. Elita realized what had happened and apologized. And together, they defeated the Decepticons.

Transformers Story

Hello readers, this is based on the script I made (named transformers story, you can search that on my account!) Also that one have more chapter than this so if you want to see what happens next, then look at it)

Transformer ~Elita One's Diary

Hi, this is Elita One's Dairy, if you don't know who she is, search it up! Also I am putting this in my journal, in this story/diary, you are Elita, pleas tell me your ideas, Decepticons are aloud! Also I don't own most of the pictures, some are mine.

Are we similar? (Just for fun)

Hi, this is just for fun
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Love and Loss (A Transformers Prime Love Story)

Jack, Mikko, and Raf thought they knew everything about the Autobots but one sorrowful day led them to discover a hidden past that soon leads them to question their own b...

September 17, 2021

Elita one's diary(Day Four)

Elita's diary (Day four)
Dear diary, 
Today is an interesting day. Ella's suddenly remembered all of her memories. She said that she is glad that we found her. Or else she might now be here today. We are still best friends. We created a nickname ETE witch stands for Ella, Trinity and Elita(Me), but if you asked Ella, she is going to say that it stands for Elita, Trinity and herself. We short of got into an argument about that, but everything is okay, no one is upset and we know why the others want to put our names first. Also here is the update for the new Energon that Trinity found. Ratchet discovered it's formula which he used to create more that can let everyone use every what the humans called a day. ❤
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