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Hi, you can call me Ash or Bee.
I’m an occasional quiz maker. These (may) include :
Tv shows
Personality etc.
More about me is on my journal :)

Which South Park Character Are You?

I know this show is SUPER OLD but it's one of my favorites and I just wanted to make a quiz about it cause why not. I hope you like it :) (all art shown is not mine except for the last question.)

What's Your BNHA Quirk?

What would be your quirk if you were in the show My Hero Academia?

Who Is Your BNHA Boyfriend?

Who is your MHA boyfriend? -will include villains tooooo-
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May 15, 2021

About Me

Hello, my name is Bee and I’m 16. I go by she/they pronouns and I’m pansexual.

Most of the things I enjoy are : 
Anime (MHA, AOT, Hunter X Hunter)

Witchcraft (Tarot cards, crystals, deity work -I haven’t done deity work yet, I’m still a beginner.-)

Shifting realities (if you’re not familiar with this term I suggest searching it up and going on Amino for more information. If you’re a non-believer, keep your negative thoughts to yourself please.)

Skateboarding (I’m still learning lol) 

Some things I don’t like :
gross men (only the creepy ones lmfao)
people who force their religion on to others
closed-minded people 
abusive parents/any guardian 

I’m totally up for making friends but I’d prefer around my age range like 15-17 is fine. 
Thanks for reading this! <3
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