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Which Character Would You Be In "Xethea's Purpose"

This quiz is to find out which character you would be in a real published book series (of 4 books) called "Xethea's Purpose." There are 40 character results here, but the series has more characters than that. The book series is sold on amazon, kindle, etc. I am the author of this series.
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What are you really?

Deep down, you know you can't just be a boring human. So what are you really?

Which Angel of The Universe are You?

(Cover art not mine) Which Angel that controls the elements of the universe are you? Find out here! [Also, this is from my fic concept]

Are you an Angel or demon?

Are you an Angel or demon? This is just a quiz, it's nothing personal or anything incase anyones wondering, some answers will be both demon and angel.

Are you an Angel or devil?

Comment what you get!! Hope u like this quizz!!!

What watches over you?

Discover which being watches you and learn how that affects your personality. (This is VERY old, and somewhat embarassing, but thank you so much for all the responses and positivity! I never noticed this until now <3)

Which Obey Me! Shall We Date? Character Loves You? *Includes Side Characters!*

A sequel to my previous quiz! Which Character Loves You? I didn't include Luke this time for obvious reasons. I might reuse the same questions I used from my previous quiz. Hear me out though, the answers will hit differently! {UPDATE!} Forget what I said before, platonic relationships exist so ...

Which BSD organization would recruit you?

Ever wondered who it might be? Maybe the Detective Agency or the Port Mafia or someone else... Well, time to find out!!

Angels and Demons . . .

You will free something . . . WHta will it be . . . ?

Which Character are you? (Angels of Death)

Do you want to know which character you are more like from Angels of Death? Give it a try! *Spoilers of course* ♥

What tye of angel would you be?

Giving you the angel you would be if you went to heaven. 8 results
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