Rank some anime characters

Includes characters from anime, videogames and virtual artists like Hatsune Miku. If some characters don't appear, it might be because I haven't watched the anime or I don't consider that character my favorite. Note: None of the artwork used on this quiz (both official and fanmade) belo...

Ship Or Rip, my ships

Sorry if it's really long, I mainly made this because I keep forgetting who I ship (Don't ask how, I have bad memory)

Which Michael Jackson Variant Are You ?

The King of Pop wasn't only the best dancer and singer in the world. He was also a film enthusiast who dreamed of playing in big productions. But among the roles he could have played, which one would suit you the most ?

What anime character do you look like? (Boys editon)

Answer some questions and find out what Handsome anime boy you look like! There are 75 results (yes it's quite alot) so I hope you get a result that is accurate and that you like! Art is not mine and full credits go to the original artists.

Choose somethin and get an outfit-

Okay, we are going to tell which outfit is best for you! Come here and find out- AND GIRLS, DEMIGIRLS AND WHO USE FEMININE PRONOUNS ONLY! SORRY BOIS/DEMIBOIS-

Which marvel character should be your girlfriend?

Take this quiz to figure out which marvel character should be your girlfriend :))) Answers include Natasha, Sharon, Aunt May, Darcy, Pepper, Carol, Gamora, Wanda, Peggy and Maria <3
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