Choose somethin and get an outfit-

Okay, we are going to tell which outfit is best for you! Come here and find out- AND GIRLS, DEMIGIRLS AND WHO USE FEMININE PRONOUNS ONLY! SORRY BOIS/DEMIBOIS-

Talk with: Underswap Sans

(Part 1/3 of talking with the Star Sanses) You got a once in a lifetime chance to meet one of the infamous Star Sanses! Lets find out what his opinion on you is, he sure seems excited to meet you.

What primary colour are you?

Are you red, yellow or blue? Find out here! (My first quiz please tell me how to improve!)

Your Once Upon A Time Life. (long Results)

What's Your story? Find out your love, friendships and Enimies In your Once Upon A time Life..... Find out Your backstory and your time in storybrooke.

Which Pantala hero are you?

If you are looking for a true, valid quiz, take this quiz, and remember to be honest!

Which black clover character is your BFF?

Includes all of the black bulls, Yuno, Mimosa, Klaus, all of the magic knight captains, and the wizard king. Kinda a long quiz, includes spoilers for season 3. For my fellow black clover fans :)

بیا باهم رنگ آمیزی کنیم

یوو واتاشی وا هانابی شیکاری دس؛ در این مکالمه شما بادقت به سوال های من در هر مرحله پاسخ میدید و در آخر من شما رو رنگ آمیزی میکنم

pick some outfits and i'll reveal your past life!

this quiz will reveal what your past life was like. there are four different options, each of them going in lots of detail about your childhood, adult life and extra info! anyone can take this quiz as the options do not say the gender of the person (that is all up to you!). also, use your imaginatio...

Which FE Three Houses Character Are You?

*NO SPOILERS ALL ROUTES :)* includes literally ALL RECRUITABLE UNITS minus the DLC cause I haven't played it. this may be inaccurate cause i havent played crimson flower but i'll try my best :) have fun folks
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