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Transformers Prime - Who will be your best friend(Decepticons)

This is for Decepticons, but there is a bit of Autobots. If you want the Autobot's one, its here: Transformers Prime - Who will be your best friend(Autobots)

Have you experienced a "Mental(Nervous) Breakdown" before or are you going through one?

None of those pictures are mine. This isn't 100% accurate. If you're still worried, please reach out. Slightly mentions suicide, eating disorders, and self-harm. Don't take this if you're triggered easily.
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Which Decepticon Would Be Best Suited For You?

Based on Transformers Prime. Find out which Decepticon Megatron would deem to be your caretaker, after having kidnapped you in a plan to use you as ransom against the Autobots. (Includes the following Decepticons as answers: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Shockwave, Knockout, Breakdown, and Dreadw...

Hug, Kiss, Marry, or Kill (TFP Decepticons)

Hello everyone! Here is my second quiz of "Hug, Kiss, Marry, or Kill". This time with the Decepticons. If you haven't seen my first one please go check it out! I hope you enjoy it and give me some suggestions for future quizzes! I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE ART

TFP: Seven minutes in Heaven

Who will you get? The sweet little scout Bumblebee? Or Autobot leader Optimus? Or even Megatron or Predaking? The possibilities are endless! (You are a Bot/Con)

the mental breakdown quiz :(

wondering what to do after your mental breakdown? (lol me too) this quiz can help! *disclaimer: I am in no way a licensed therapist, i mean jesus im barely keeping myself alive*

That's a bad quirk! Chapter 1

That's a story about a Small girl with a Villain like quirk...See everything in the story

Lord help me


Which Decepticon are you? (Transformers Prime)

This is the first quiz I'm attempting to create, so please don't get upset if it's not the most accurate or intricate test you've ever taken. Anyway, I LOVE this show! It's been my favorite for forever, since I was... ten, I think. I don't remember. quotes and pictures from:...

Which TFP Decepticon are you?

Find out which of the best Transformer Prime Decepticons you represent. No doubt about it that Knockout, Soundwave, StarScream, and many more will be in here. Hope you enjoy!
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