what bts ship will fall for you

idk know when i'll post cus i got quite a few hw and stuff to do okay thanks if you like the quiz they take me a long time to make them also don't their are some swear words so there i warned you ​​​​​​​and i hope you enjoy the quizzs~ 😆(^人^)

Are you V's ideal type?

Make a favor to this ANGEL! Click this quiz!

Get a note from BTS

In the title You know these crackheads are the best healers in the universe♡ ;)

Your Kpop Idol Life (Girls Only)

How would ur life be if you were a kpop idol?:0 also dis is my first ever quiz! So sry if u don't like it :(

Which BTS members ideal type are you?

This is my first quiz ! Sorry if it's not so accurate I tried my best

pick between these idols for a kpop boyfriend

pick between idols from random groups to see which idol is your boyfriend

How well do you know BTS?

This is a quiz to see how well you know BTS are u a fan or not? If you liked this quiz make sure to follow me, comment and like this quiz. Byee have a good day/night
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