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Transformers Prime - Who will be your best friend(Decepticons)

This is for Decepticons, but there is a bit of Autobots. If you want the Autobot's one, its here: Transformers Prime - Who will be your best friend(Autobots)

Which Autobot Would Be Best Suited as Your Guardian?

Based on Transformers Prime. Find out which Autobot Optimus Prime would deem to be your guardian. (Includes the following Autobots as answers: Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Smokescreen, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper, and Arcee.)
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Transformers Prime Quiz

Hi, this quiz will tell you how much you know about transformers prime and/or it's original script.

Your Transformers RID 2015 Guardian.

You came to Denny Clay's scrapyard to buy a toaster, but now you've wound up with the autobots and Bumblebee must choose your guardian.

Transformers Prime - Who will be your best friend(Autobots)

This is for Autobots only, please tell me if you want one about the Deception's too, I have written more things about Optimus because personally, I think I have many comments with Optimus.

TFP: Seven minutes in Heaven

Who will you get? The sweet little scout Bumblebee? Or Autobot leader Optimus? Or even Megatron or Predaking? The possibilities are endless! (You are a Bot/Con)

Write a letter to Bumblebee and get one back! (Wings of Fire)

Several possible responses, written by Bumblebee and then translated by Sundew. Please try this out!

Part 4) The Child of Primus: I’ve been Saved from a Con!

Recap: You turned into a robot in your sleep. Now you have to figure out the history of Primus’ daughter and get use to this new body. Which now makes you, a target of deceptive robots. + This is Transformers Robots in Disguise x Primus’Child!Reader + Authors Note 1. Transformers Robots in Disguis...

Which Transformers Prime Character Is Your SOUL MATE?

Take this quiz to see which of the bots have a thing for you! As with all my quizzes, this quiz is serious but not to be taken seriously. It’s just for fun!

Part 3) The Child of Primus: I turned into Primus’ Daughter?

Recap: You went to the Scrapyard for spending a few nights and days there. Then you met the robot you’ve seen before, and now your welcome to the Bee Team. Now everything is going out well, or at least you thought it would. Thanks to you picking up the blue orb a 2 quizzes ago. Now your hidden adven...

What Would Your Cybertronian Alt. Mode Look Like?

Ever wondered what your alt mode would be if you were a Transformer? Well now you can find out! (Slight mentions of canon typical violence and weapons, though not enough to mark this as violent, just a warning in case this is a sensitive topic) (Images are not mine)

Part 2) The Child of Primus: Meeting them again with the Team

Recap: You found a blue orb and met strange robots! But now, something by the allspark is occurring inside and outside of you. From a weird voice to glowing blue hair and eyes. Talking vehicles who can transform into robots. Who knows what can happen to innocent (Y/N)! Take the quiz to explore more ...

Your TFP Autobot Guardian

This is my first quiz ever. It's about my second favourite show, Transformers Prime. You'll answer a few questions and you'll get a bit of story how you met your Autobot. Simple, right? ;) Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead included. I'm too lazy to add the rest of...

Hug, Kiss, Mary, or Kill (TFP Autobots)

Hi there everyone! This is a quiz on which you decide who you would "Hug, Kiss, Marry, or Kill". I thought there was already a quiz like this one but I can't seem to find it. As always I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE ART. I hope you will enjoy, and give me suggestions for future quizzes!
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