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What is your gender identity?

I will help you figure out your identity. I try to include all identities. I apologize if I'm missing a couple. Remember this is only HELPING you figure out your gender. A quiz can't truly tell you who you are or feel.
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are you cis, ftm, or enby? (for afab)

this was mostly made for fun, i am not a doctor although i am a trans person. results might not be 100% accurate because again i'm literally just a teenager who made this for fun. (answer according to how you've felt in the past ~6 months for the best results)

Are you nonbinary?

Hi! You should take this non binary quiz! Its not the best but whatever. . . I'm just trying to help!

LGBT terminology

A lot of my tests are directed towards allys. People who aren't necessarily in the community, but who support and are ready to learn. I would like to be someone who can informative and helpful!! Also, feel free to comment which one tripped you up haha.

Star Wars: What Separatist Species are you?

The Confederacy of Independent Systems consists of many worlds and species. Which one of these aliens civilizations are you a part of? P.S. This is my first quiz. Don’t go too hard on me.. though constructive criticism is always nice! :D Images are all from Wookiepedia

Are you Transgender?

If youre wondering maybe this will help.

Are you Non-Binary?

Are you Non-Binary? These questions might help you figure it out. Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, these are my opinions. If the results are wrong, they’re wrong.

Are you a cis or trans gamer?

Don't know the exact nature of your gamer glands? find out here!
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