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What kind of Dæmon do you have? (His Dark Materials)

This is a (modified) version of a quiz I made years ago (I think I was still in elementary school wow) and yea. It’s based off my favorite book series, His Dark Materials. You will get an answer like avian, canine, etc. since adding a ton of different animals would be really hard
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What Type of Animal Will Your Dæmon Settle As?

Based off my knowledge Phillip Pullmans world in "His Dark Materials" including the books, the 2007 movie and the new show on BBC and HBO I can tell what your Dæmon would possibly settle as!

should you be sterilized

What the title says. I don’t know why I made this. I have an immense hatred for this site.

What Is Your Settled Canine Dæmon Form?

If you haven't taken my first quiz please do so here if you wish: What Type of Animal Will Your Dæmon Settle As? If you have and you got a canine then congrats and continue!

What Compass Point Matches Your Personality

What direction matches your personality? Take this quiz to find out your cardinal direction.

Golden compass: what deamon fits your personality?

I always wanted to know what animal discribes my personality. When i watched as a kid the golden compass i was thinking what animal would be by my side...

Meet your dæmon 2.0

Since the first quiz seemed to do well, I decided to put another one up. A dæmon is the external physical manifestation of a person's 'inner-self,' and takes the form of an animal. Ever wonder what yours would be? Click here to find out. Note: This quiz concerns the concept of dæmons, or...

What Daemon do you have?

You can have a daemon be a Cat,Dog,Lion,Bird,Snow Leopard,Monkey,Tiger!

What is your moral compass?

Answer these 10 moral dilemma questions and find out what your moral compass is.
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