are you TOO nice?

do people tell you that you're too nice? do they call you a doormat or a pushover? time to confirm if its true or not....

Are you worth it?

Your welcome for the doggo. Remember to eat 2-3 meals today and drink plenty of water! I command you! >:D

What Attracts Boys To You?

Is it your eyes? Your body? Your personality? Maybe its everything... Find out what and why boys are attracted to you;)

Tell me what's wrong, and I will offer 10 quotes to help you think deeply about it.

For when you want a brutally honest wake up call on how to move forward. If cliche sayings on positivity and not giving up does not seem to work, here is something a bit more refreshing. DISCLAIMER : Not a substitute for professional help. Only a tool to help you ponder things to discuss with others...

Are you loved?

Find out whether you are loved.

What to wear today (detailed answers)

Stuck on outfit choices? I'll put together an outfit for you, along with some fashion advice!

Attitude Power: What is your Confidence Level?

What is the secret of Attitude power?? Attitude is all about confidence. A good and positive attitude can give you the advantage of having good conversations, making friends, standing up for yourself or others and maybe impressing your crush!!! >////< So, what is your Personality? Are you Cool...

I'll recommend you a couple songs!

Just recommending songs from my play list. Also, I do not own any of the pictures! I tried to keep it gender neutral, I'm sorry if it's not completely.

Are you every boy's dream?

Do you have what it takes to steal all the boys hearts?

Which Dere Type Are You?

- hopefully you enjoyed the quiz! leave your results in the discussion forum if you have time! peace </3
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