I'll Give You a Song that Makes Me Feel Confident

Take this quiz to get a song from a Japanese artist! No images are mine.

What Kind of Boy Likes You?

Who likes you? The quiet, shy boy? The confident, loud boy? Your best guy friend? The class clown? The loner/emo? Take the quiz to find out! (; *long-ish results for some*

Are you pretty? 100% ACCURATE

Are you pretty? Real, actually accurate. 100% accurate! ALWAYS RIGHT! Take this to find out if you're pretty or not.

i'm confident you won't get full marks

a challenge. a quiz. a puzzle. a mind-boggler. then everything changed when i made this quiz. only test-takers, master of all four skills, could stop them. but when the world needed them most, they vanished. a hundred years passed and i discovered a new test-taker, you, and although you are smart, y...
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