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Which Type of Shapeshifter are you?

So, you know you're a shapeshifter. After the initial shock and confusion, you're okay with that. But now, you want to learn more about your kind. Let me help you. Answer a few questions, and I'll tell you the type of shapeshifter you are. Dedicated to Sølarstørms øf Nøvember

Which wisdom god is your friend?

Wisdom gods. They are all different. Some are arrogant, others chaotic, some will go out their way to do for the people, but they're all intelligent and creative. Which one of these clever gods would be your friend?
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Which Nature Deity Will Save You?

You decide to undertake an adventure in a vast forest that grows increasingly frightening as you travel deeper into its growth. You are not prepared for what you will face. What nature God / Goddess shakes their head in disappointment and slight amusement but takes it upon themselves to save you?

Which war god is your friend?

War gods. They do have a reputation for being hotheaded, arrogant and brash. Yet, they all have a soft side to them that they don't often show, and you happened to befriend one of them Which one is friends with you?

How Well Do You Know Indian Culture?

Take this just-for-fun knowledge quiz to find out how much you know about the incredible Indian culture. Enjoy, comment, heart, and follow!

Do YOU know the United States?

How well do you know the United States? See if you think you know!

Cultures Around the World

How much do you know about cultures around the world? Take this quiz to find out.

Êtes-vous bien cultivé?

Un quiz en cinq questions pour tester vos connaissances dans différents endroits et cultures du monde.

World Geography and Cultures Quiz

This quiz is a test on how much you know about the world (and/or) help you study for a test at school.
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