Which Old Elements Character Are You?

This is a test, anyways, this is based off of my old cringe story I made. There is only a few characters because there were so many <3 This is just for a joke, I don't actually mean what I say at the ends, it's just me explaining what the character is like kinda,

What Dragon Is Looking For You?

Maybe it's been watching you for a long time, or maybe it just found you. But what is it? What does it want with you? ~~Thanks so much for the 400+ hearts!~~~

Are you an Ace?

A pretty accurate quiz to be more sure if you're an acesexual or not!

Hanging With Wings of Fire Boiiis! ((romance event))

HELLO! this is the first day of RAMANCE EVENT (8/19/2012) tho this probs wont come out till the end of it :') let me explain this romantic quiz: You are a hybrid sea/nightwing and you are on a journey with BOYS (well there is kinkajou) and you get to partner up with one of them! Fun! <3 but t...

Answer some questions and get a Wings of Fire OC!

Look at the TitLe- art is not mine :) Also, the timeline is the generation after the DoDs- the tribes live on their usual separate continents, but some of the LeafWings, SilkWings, and HiveWings have chosen to stay on Pyrrah instead of Pantala.

What Kind of Elf are You?

༻✦༺ there are many different kinds of eleven warriors, wizards, witches, shamans, clerics, majestic winged elves that rule the skies, to mysterious and isolated elves that roam the depths. What tribe do you belong to?༻✦༺ !!!All info is taken from the DnD Wiki Page!!!

26) Aldwyn's Academy, Year Three: The Summer Before

This is what happens the summer before your last year. Secret slumber parties, plenty of gossip, and maybe a surprise from your someone special? [An interlude between years 3 & 4]
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