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Your Middle Earth Outfit

Answer a few questions to get a personalized Middle-Earth outfit! ❤🌲🌳 All results are female

What element are you most like?

Fire, earth, wind and water. Which one most resembles you? Pics r not mine hope u enjoyyy (: <3
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Get a Lord of the Rings hottie

— choose between a few options and find out which middle earth babe is your soul mate 😏😘

You're a super: so what's your power?

Humans have not unlocked their full brain capacity, right? So what if every single one of us actually has super powers we just haven't figured out how to access that part of our brain yet. Find out what super power is running through your veins right now.

Who is your soulmate from Middle-Earth/Valinor?

This is not your typical "Legolas, Aragorn, Kili" quiz. May or may not be accurate. The results do NOT include Legolas, Aragorn or Kili.

What element are you | INFLAYDION VERSION

This is a quiz based on personality! No colour asked nonsense... This quiz has 52 questions. It's based on what I believe fits with an element. Result needs to get a better description though... No worries... Good luck!

Naruto: What's Your Chakra Nature?

In this quiz you'll find out what your chakra nature is, from the Naruto series. This quiz is based off of the variations of personalities that are derived from the characters, and their correlation to their chakra natures. Enjoy. How to use: bit.ly/2nXXTwx ((Shortened for the convenience)) Vers...

Which Avatar Element Are You?

The elements of the world are within you, but which one do you have? ✨

Which bender are you? *VERY ACCURATE*

This highly detailed, highly accurate quiz will tell you which bender in the ATLA universe you’d be. You’ll never need to take another “which bender are you” quiz after this one :)

Your Middle Earth Name

— make a few choices & I'll match you to a Middle Earthen name that suits you || all names are female
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