in quale winx ti indentifichi?

che fata preziosa sei? scoprilo subito e metti fine alla lotta tra te e le tue amiche!

Is Marinette Friends With You

Do you like Marinette Dupain-Cheng? If yes then you’re gonna luv this quiz, do you want to be friends with mari? Ofc you can now that ‘is Marinette friends with you’

Would you survive an apocalypse?

None of the pictures belong to us- follow us if you liked the quiz! 💛

Which Hogwarts professor has a secret crush on you?

One of the Professors at Hogwarts has their eye on you! Take this quiz to find out who it is...

Would Giyu Tomioka like you?

Giyu is a soft boy that needs love and friends, you guys are just mean. Take this quiz to see what he thinks of you!

How many Undertale/Deltarune characters would you be friends with?

Hello there! This quiz is gonna be a kind of rp, in which you, [Y/N], are the 8th human to fall into the underground in the undertale part(instead of Frisk), and the 2nd human from the prophecy, and Kris' classmate in the deltarune part. This is my first quiz ever, so please don't judge too ...

Which Nightmare Animatronic is your Friend

Does not include Nightmarrione(N.Puppet), N.Mangle,N. B.B. , Jack-o-chica, Jack-o-bonnie
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